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Celebrity Make-up Artist Gita Bass Tells How to Transition Your Skincare & Makeup For Fall


With the turn in the weather, and transition into Fall, there are a lot of things that take place. In the Fall, we start to dress differently as evenings and days may be cooler, we often decorate our houses for the new season and upcoming holidays, we may change the way we cook, and we may even change our skincare routine; and we might as well change our makeup routine and try other skin treatments like botox injections from a botox clinic! I think that pretty covers several of the bases. So, don’t hesitate to ask about botox. And if you need professional makeup and beauty products, then you might want to check out Oxygenetix Makeup products to see a wide array of options.

I had the opportunity to interview celebrity make-up artist Gita Bass, to discuss how to transition skincare and makeup routines for Fall. Gita is no stranger to the stars. She has created looks for many celebrities on and off camera. In addition to creating a stunning look for Selena Gomez for the VMA’s, Gita’s clientele includes Ashley Greene, Katie Holmes, Elizabeth Olsen and Debra Messing. Gita’s work has been feted on the red carpet, and she is the talent behind numerous editorial photo shoots and advertising campaigns. Her extensive experience and fresh, natural talent is what makes her so successful.

Before getting into my interview, I thought I’d share a bit of information regarding the term makeup. Have you ever wondered what the correct way to write makeup is? Well, there is a correct way, and it all depends on what exactly you are talking about! First of all, makeup refers to cosmetics worn on the face or body. “Makeup” is often what one would say when referring to the actual cosmetics applied to a person’s face or body. “Make-up” is what is used when referring to a person who applies makeup for a living. You really can use either spelling/format, but that’s a bit of information I have learned.

Now for my interview. Gita Bass talks about some of her tips and tricks for Fall skincare:

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