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Giving the Gift of Hallmark Birthday Cards


Hallmark Birthday Cards #BirthdaySmiles #shop

With several birthdays, holidays, and celebrations coming up this Fall and Winter, I held a vote to help me pick out the first birthday card of the season. Most of the votes came in on Facebook and Twitter, but it was pretty unanimous which of the Hallmark Birthday cards I should gift to my MIL. Just as a refresher, I gave you (the readers) a choice of 3 birthday cards, and asked you to help me pick the one I should give my MIL for her birthday. September is kind of slow in the way of birthdays, but they just pick up from here on out, until the end of the year. I’m not the best card giver, so it was nice to have some help to get me started off on the right foot.

Hallmark Birthday Card for Mom #BirthdaySmiles #shop
My mother-in-law had the first birthday of the season, which was last week. Unfortunately I was out of town for a conference, and was unable to talk to my MIL on her birthday, but she was in my thoughts. My MIL lives in Idaho so we usually have to count on birthday cards and phone calls to let her know how we feel. I must admit that even though we have been planning and preparing for her birthday for a couple of weeks now, we still managed to get her card out in the mail a tad late. I am not great about accounting for delivery time. Luckily Hallmark has a card for that too!

Because we were late in mailing out the card, we did something a little different. We took pictures of the front and inside of the card (with our private messages and signatures), and messaged it to my mother-in-law, so she could see it sooner than the mail would allow. In addition to the card, I took a video of my family singing happy birthday to grandma, and sent that with the card. I think that was a real treat for grandma and grandpa, since they don’t get to see their grandbabies super often. The card paired with the video was really all my MIL needed to know that we love her and miss her.

Hallmark Birthday Cards

In addition to picking out a card for my MIL’s birthday, I went ahead and stocked up for the rest of the year! See the two Hoops and Yo cards? My kids love those, and they sing! I got those two for my twins who turn 8 next month. Then I purchased my dad and FIL’s birthday cards, in addition to my oldest son’s. Plus, I’ve got two extra Mom birthday cards that I can hang onto for future birthdays! Cha-ching! I so am not a planner so I love that I have this part out of the way.

dad birthday card

I personally love the card I got for my dad. Pretty darn funny if I do say so myself! Thank you Hallmark for helping with the happy birthday wishes!

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