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Clean Dishes Easily with Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand Giveaway


Dirty Pan

It’s not a mystery that I enjoy cooking and baking up tasty treats and eats. A topic I haven’t talked a lot about though, is the clean-up. Cleaning up after a messy meal is not my favorite job. When I think about cleaning up after making sugar cookies, and having to wash the floured cutting board, I almost cringe! Or what about pots and pans that have noodles and rice stuck to them? Then there is the pan with eggs stuck to it! I am always looking for easier ways to get the kitchen, and my dishes, cleaner in less time. Besides, if doing the dishes is easier, then maybe – just maybe, I can get the husband and kids to do more of them!  That’s where the Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand comes in.

Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand

I recently purchased a kitchen scrub brush that has been driving me batty. It rarely stays screwed together properly, and the bristles are wearing down way too fast. Then I remembered that Scotch-Brite sent me their new Stay Clean Dishwand. They actually guarantee that food won’t stick with this wand, and so far I am super pleased with the results! If I had to describe what this wand is made of, I think I’d say that it is almost like a sponge at the end of a soap-filled wand, with a non-abrasive scrub pad attached to the underside of the sponge. The sponge helps hold the soap and bubbles while the pad does the scrubbing. They really do make the perfect combination!

Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand

After making up a batch of eggs for the little girl and myself, I decided to put the Stay Clean Dishwand to the test. If you really want to see how well a scrub brush will work, let your dishes sit dirty for a while so the food gets really caked on! I’ve learned that the hard way! What I love about the Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand is that it really soaps up nicely, so I feel like my dishes aren’t just being freed of debris (aka food), but they are actually getting CLEAN! Unlike some brushes with firm bristles, this wand doesn’t seem to be scratching up my pots and pans, but leaving them with a nice smooth shine.

Sparkling Clean Pan

Don’t believe me? Put it to the test yourself! One of you will get to with this giveaway! One reader will win a Scotch-Brite dishwand and refill pack! The giveaway will end on 11/12 at 11:59pm. To enter, fill out the form below.

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  • baked on italian food or roasted chicken are always a chore this looks like it would do the trick!

  • I don’t like cleaning, especially dishes or bathrooms, so this would help me keep my kitchen clean

  • My sister has one and she seems to really like it. It is pretty convenient though I am a little skeptical about being able to rinse the soap out after each washing. Nothing smells worse than an old soapy sponge! But I think it would do very well in my sink. Our water gets insanely hot. It boils so much faster than other hot water I have used. It would be amazing to not have to get my hand near that hot water!

  • My cleaning riddle is I loathe cleaning the kitchen… that’s why our oldest does it! 😉 I would put this in his hand and tell him to get to cleanin’!

  • My kids love making super sticky foods like oatmeal and malt-o-meal so I would use this to hopefully get the pan clean the first time!

  • My grandson who lives with me has no idea what to use when cleaning my pans, this wand might just save my nerves! No more scratched pans.

  • We recently moved into a house without a dishwasher…. yes they do still exist. And we are manually washing dishing again this product looks to be a great help since pretty much everything feels caked on.

  • Scrubbing all that dry pancake batter off the bowl, Roh No. This would help me right and get it clean tonite.

  • I would most definitely use it for my glass baking dishes. The non stick spray doesn’t seem to do it’s job on my glassware.

  • I NEED this! I am so sick of always replacing the sponge every time I have to do dishes after having scrambled eggs with cheese. the pan may get clean but my sponge is never the same and feel like it is such a waste to have to toss afterwards but nothing else will get cleaned with it.

  • I dislike cleaning up after making dinner. It seems that is when I have the most stuck on foods and being the evening they don’t always get washed right away.. Ugh!

  • I hate trying to get the cooked on gunk off of dishes. Dishwands are such a great help!! They make it take less effort and time.

  • My Cleaning riddle:

    What to do about the goo, oh my dishes don’t look new,
    dried on gravy like a pond, what I need is a good dishwand.

  • I don’t mind doing dishes, I just don’t like to get my hands wet – silly I know! This is not only an amazing design, but for it to remove caked on food as well is truly magnificent.

  • To my son-
    Knock knock: Whose there?
    You! You who?
    You whoooo, time to do the dishes!
    Maybe the new wand would make dishes easier.

  • I always have problems removing tea stains around the bottom of my plastic cups. This looks like it can reach the entire bottom to scrub them away!

  • I’m sure I could probably clean my dishes & pots & pans more easily with the scotch brite dish wand. thanks for this giveaway.

  • Would love to try this with especially glass cups. I have cut my hand severely more than one time, by breaking a cup on my hand as I washed with a sponge. This would be a safer solution.

  • This will perfect for after I make red velvet cake balls – they are good but the bowl you make them in gets so messy!

  • My cleaning riddle is figuring out how to clean cake pans quicker. Sometimes I’ve just mixed up the batter when I realize all the cake pans are being used. I move things around but I would love to clean without soaking in times like those!

  • A cleaning riddle, eh? Ok… What’s Green and White and Red all over? A frog in a blender.

    What… you say that’s not a cleaning riddle? Obviously you haven’t tried cleaning that blender after… 😉

    Don’t have a dishwasher… so this wand might come in really handy! Congrats to whomever the winner may be! 🙂

  • I hate doing the kitchen my hubby always does the kitchen and I do the laundry. so I would give this to him as a gift to make it easier on him

  • The kitchen is the hardest room for me to keep clean. We homeschool so someone is constantly in the kitchen making more dirty dishes for me to clean up. Maybe with one of these fancy dishwands they might clean up after themselves a little better. I say might…..:)

  • The kitchen is the hardest room for me to keep clean. We homeschool so someone is constantly in the kitchen making more dirty dishes for me to clean up. Maybe with one of these fancy dishwands they might clean up after themselves a little better. I say might…..:) At least it might make my job a little easier.

  • My riddle is…. No Good night winks if there’s dirty dishes in the sink. I would put this to good use cleaning dishes before bedtime!

  • The things I clean everyday
    The we have baked
    The things we leave behinds
    How do these messes get cleaned?
    Me with a rag.

  • I would love one being I no longer have a dishwasher and I hate doing dishes and pots and pans

  • My cleaning riddle/challenge is baked on food at the bottom of pans. The combination of soap and scrubby that this wand has would do the trick, I think!

  • My cleaning riddle is getting anyone but ME to do the dishes! Therefore, by the time I get to them, they are STUCK-ON! This would be a great help!

  • Doing dishes is my least favorite chore, especially get all grease off the pots/pans. Dishwands would be handy when it gets to tackle grease down.

  • My George Forman…. the coating has worn off in places and it is pain to try to get it clean

  • I have to hand wash my dishes. We don’t own a dishwasher. Anything that can make that job easier is fine by me. With 6 people in our house, the dishes are never ending

  • Oh I hate washing dishes but actually love the purple color and maybe that would make it more enjoyable!!

  • Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! This would be great for our pots and pans.

  • It’s cleaning the pan my hubby makes his famous mac and cheese in! This wand could help me a lot!

  • Dregs of milk left in the glass,
    Dried on mess, pain in the a**
    Please just make it go away
    Scotch Brite come and save my day

  • Without a doubt the biggest kitchen riddle is Fruity Pebbles that my teens can’t seem to figure out how to rinse out of their bowls. I would use the wand… correction… I would have THEM use the wand to scrub their little stray Pebbles off the bowls 🙂

  • I wonder if it would clean up burnt food stuck to the bottom of the pan/dish/pot? that would be awesome! Would love to win this!

  • My 13×9 glass pan! UGH!!! Seems like no matter what is cooked in it, it sticks!!! Grrrr

  • my cleaning riddle is how do you avoid not scratching your non stick pots and pans….and I use a sponge when cleaning dishes…I will take and try anything that makes cleaning easier and quicker.

  • this would be great for cleaning dishes that have sat overnight because I was too lazy to do them

  • 3 children, a husband, and no dishwasher. This would be great on anything and everything.

  • Baked on messes: cheese, eggs, chicken, grease, coffee stains. Scotchbrite to the rescue!
    Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  • My cleaning riddle is the bathroom. As I get older, it’s harder and harder to clean the nooks and crannies around the toilet and in the bathtub. Although I know this is not the intended use, I have heard that some people keep a couple of dedicated dishwands in the bathroom—one for the foot of the toilet, and one to keep the bathtub clean. If I win, I think I just might try it out for that purpose and save my back!

  • I like to make myself a chores list every night to do the next day. As I am doing the things on the list, I say to myself what I have already done (thats on the list) then, what I have left to do, followed by “and then its ME TIME”! LOL!
    I believe I would like to try it on our shoe soles, windows and the bottoms of my pots. I might would even try it on my bath tub.

  • “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share!” I’d use it on my pans.

  • I hate cleaning breakfast dishes. This will make the oatmeal and cream of wheat debris easier to remove.

  • cleaning the pan after making friend rice, stuff sticks to my pan, and cleaning to go cups and bottles, this would be useful for both.

  • I’m no good with riddles.
    This one is for my daughter
    who waould use to remove all the sticky gooey mess from cooking.

  • My cleaning riddle is.. how does the kitchen get SOO dirty in just 5minutes! I would use this as a neat new tool to lure my kids into washing dishes!

  • My grandchildren are chocolate milk lovers and they sometimes stash their empty glasses where I won’t see them right away. When I finally retrieve them, they are really disgusting. Maybe this would help!

  • My Cleaning Riddle is do I get my cookie sheets to look cleaner without having the burnt look. I can scrub them and they never seem clean enough for me.

  • Mine is how do I get the pan clean after hubby makes scrambled eggs with cheese, without scrubbing til my arm wants to fall off??

  • I hate washing dishes, especially pots and pans with baked on food. My dishwasher is broken so I would put this to good use keeping up with my dishes.

  • I hate doing dishes, but especially the pots and pans with baked on food. I would put this to good use doing my dishes since my dishwasher is broken.

  • My riddle would be…how to get the “pre-leftovers” off of my glass baking dishes…GROSS!!!! Kids help clean up one time…and I get to relive the same dinner for the next two weeks…ewwwww

  • Really hard left on things, I soak in hot water and if need be put on the stove to heat even more….then cleaning is a dream!!

  • I do the dishes the smart way. I make my teenagers do them. They would love the scotch wand.

  • cleaning riddle is baked on food in pans that someone else cooked!! hate that, because i use spray if needed, others in household dont! lol maybe this would help make it easier!

  • I don’t like to hold the germy sponge that I use to clean, so this would help me enjoy cleaning much more.

  • I use my dishwasher for everything but pots and pans because I hate washing dishes.
    I would love to try the Scotch Brite Stay Clean Dishwand for those pots and pans.


  • I’d use it for the Pots and pans! I hate doing the dishes but the pots and pans are the worst.

  • My kitchen issue is cleaning the inside of coffee cups that get that gross sugar residue in the bottom. I would use the Scotch Brite Stay Clean Dishwand to help reach the inside corners of my cups.

  • I hate trying to get lasagna out of the pan and not matter how well I grease it first I have not figured out how to keep it from sticking. This dishwand would help when I am usually elbow deep in dishwater!

  • I make lots of casseroles and they can get pretty ugly when finished. This would be good for that.

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    Thanks for the contest.

  • I work nights starting just recently and have been trying to teach my boys to help with dishes, this would be awesome!

  • i like sauteed onions, mushrooms and bell peppers, but when they get stuck to the pan they are hard to get off

  • I love eggs, but they don’t love me, especially when the pan isn’t clean right away. This would help a lot!

  • I put a little soap on my Scotch Brite scrubbie. I scrub a da scrub, scrub a da scub. Until my plates are shiney.

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