DIY Halloween Candy Craft

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Every year I try to “up” my game when it comes to Halloween planning and decorating. Some years we have a couples only party, and other years I throw a costume party for the entire family. The big thing though, is making sure my house gives the holiday justice. My kids get so excited to help me pull out what we have on hand, and then I get really excited when I get to start conjuring up new ideas to add to the old ones.

DIY Halloween Candy Craft

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on decorating for different holidays, since the decorations only get to stay up for so long. But I sure do love decking my house out for the holidays! That means I turn to thrift store shopping, garage sales, and crafting/DIY! I pulled out our tubs of Halloween decorations this week and decided my kitchen table needs a new centerpiece. With inspiration from Tori Spelling’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining, I came up with my own DIY Halloween Candy Craft.

Tori Spelling for Starburst

Tori Spelling has several cute and tasty Halloween treats and decorations using the new Starburst Candy Corn candies. An easy one that anyone can do is the Candy Corn Treats. She basically lined different Rice Krispies Treats with the candy corn! Simple, yet cute!

DIY Halloween Candy Craft

Now for my Halloween Candy Craft. Using a styrofoam disc, I first cut out the center to be able to fit a large candle inside. Then I trimmed around he edge so I wouldn’t have such a large ring. You could definitely purchase a wreath form, but this was the best I could find while at Walmart (for the price). Using a razor it really was a piece of cake. Then I used the new Starburst Candy Corn, with the fun colors they have to offer, to create a candle ring. Simply glue the candy corn with the point facing outward, to the styrofoam with a hot glue gun. Then I alternated colors and overlapped the candy corn to create a flowering effect.

Once I reached the outer age of the ring, with candies, I glued a piece of festive ribbon around the outer edge. You can add more candies if needed to cover up any remaining styrofoam.

Tori Spelling for Starburst

Time for you to get out there and try your own Starburst Candy Corn craft. I love this Mum Ball that Tori makes! You can get inspiration and tutorials from the Starburst Candy Corn Facebook page.

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