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Dukan Diet and Weight Loss Coaching with Celebrity Nutritionist Simone Gloger

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I recently spent an enjoyable 20 minutes interviewing Celebrity Nutritionist, Simone Gloger with the Dukan Diet Center. She’s very knowledgable about diet and nutrition, as well as weight loss coaching. She’s been with the Dukan Diet Center for about 2 1/2 years and has coached many clients to healthful success with weightloss and maintenance.

The Dukan Diet is a physician-formulated lifestyle weight-loss program developed by French physician, Pierre Dukan. Over the last decade, millions of people around the world have achieved dramatic results and permanent weight loss using Dr. Dukan’s method, harnessing the power of pure protein.

The Dukan Diet consists of 4 phases to help you reach and keep your True Weight for life. The diet discards counting calories, and instead emphasizes lean protein, plentiful amounts of water, daily walking and allows unrestricted amounts of 100 healthy foods. The DukanDiet is designed to help its members overcome common pitfalls and achieve healthy, lifelong weight management.

The first thing one must do is find their True Weight which is a unique formula based on answers to a few short questions. Before beginning The Dukan Diet members calculate their True Weight – a realistic, healthy weight that can be reached and maintained for life- by answering 80 questions that precisely define a personalized program in detail. I’ve often felt the current weight charts did not fit my profile and set unrealistic expectations for me. With the DukanDiet, members may find their True Weight then you may register for online Coaching at to help you achieve a realistic goal for life.

Dukan Diet Coaching is the only truly personalized, interactive, daily online weight loss program. Coaches tailor their approach to each individual’s Dukan Diet profile and lifestyle, which is essential to long term success. Your Dukan Diet program is adjusted daily based on a short report from the previous day.

The Dukan Diet consists of 4 phases: First is the ATTACK phase, which last from 2-7 days, depending on your True Weight and the amount of weight you intend to lose. During the ATTACK phase, dieters consume only pure protein, and one serving of Oat Bran. This phase gives you the jump start needed for success, and cleans the body of sugars and carbs.

Then you begin the CRUISE phase, which alternates protein-only days with vegetables protein days until you reach your target weight.

During the 3rd phase, the CONSOLIDATION phase, you’ll reintroduce more foods including fruits, bread, and cheese every day, as well as two portions of starches and two celebration meals per week. Simone advised me that this phase usually lasts 5 days for every pound you need to lose.

By the time you reach the final phase, STABILIZATION, your ready to begin life long maintenance by returning to eating whatever you want without regaining weight, by following 3 simple rules – including one protein-only day each with, the habit that keeps the weight off forever.

The beauty of joining the Dukan Diet is that the diet coaching costs less than any other online diet program. Counselors are available for support and advise. The give you a shopping list, provide support for eating out, or while on vacation and are there to give you the answers you need, usually right away, but at least within 24 hours.

If you’re interested, start out by reading Dr. Pierre Dukan’s book – The Dukan Diet, and learn the 2 steps to losing weight and the 2 steps to keep it off forever.  If you want to sign up for the Dukan Diet you can get use this exclusive promotional offer: 25% OFF Coaching with Code J13BG25. You can also follow the Dukan Diet on Facebook and Twitter.


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