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The leaves are falling and the weather is cooling. We’re finally able to give our home central air conditioner a much needed rest from all its hard work during the summer months. And now we’re beginning to close our windows to protect our home from chilly breezes. The time is not far distant when we’ll have to turn on our heat, and keep all our windows closed until spring. I’m sharing tips for keeping your home safe, clean & allergen free from summer to winter months, with Filtrete Filters.

I checked my that were put in place at the beginning of summer, and yes – they did their job. Normally, I would forget to put new filters in place in preparation for the winter, but now I’m better educated about what a great job Filtrete Filters do to protect my home from dust and allergens.

Unlike some other filters with similar ratings that are tightly woven and can restrict airflow, the Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction Filter provides a balance of particle capture and airflow, thus helping to prevent stress on the system, as well as reducing the amount of energy needed to reach desired temperatures.

When my home is shut up during the winter months, I worry about all the constantly reheated air. Filtrete Filters are ideal for allergen capture, cleaner indoor air and keeping my system working efficiently. They’re designed to help clean indoor air by capturing dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter.

So, now is the time to take a few minutes to safe guard your family and hopefully cut down on some of the bothersome wintertime illnesses that might be attributed to unclean air in the home and change your filters. You’ll be as surprised as I was at how much dust and dirt was collected during the summer. I figure all the dust in the filter is dust that could have gone into my lungs! Yuck!

Here are some other important tips from Trusted HGTV Contractor, Mike Holmes, that take less than 20 minutes to complete and will keep your home safe, spit spot clean and allergen free

  • Air conditioning filters: Use an electrostatically charged Filtrete Brand air filter to help capture dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter. Plus, changing your filter at the start of every season helps protect and maintain your system.
  • Hot water heaters: Set hot water heaters at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below to avoid potential scalding. 
  • Stove: Remove and wash stove grates, burners and coils with warm water and soap. Over time, grease can build up around the stove, increasing the chances of a fire.
  • Fire extinguishers: Check the expiration dates on your fire extinguishers. You should keep one on each floor of your home.
  • Cracks: Inspect the floor, walls and foundation of the home for cracks. Jot them down on your home to-do list, and fix them before they lead to deterioration and wood rot. 

Taking a few moments to complete these tasks will keep your home and family safe. Totally worth it in my opinion!

Filtrete Filters can be found at : Lowe’s, Target, Walmart, and your local hardware store; find a location near you by visiting the .

Now for the giveaway….

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