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October Is Energy Awareness Month: Learn About Savings With Best Buy and ENERGY STAR

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Just this afternoon, I received a phone call with an automated messaged that was notifying me that our gas and electric company may be raising their prices (again)! I have been fairly fortunate not to have outrageous gas and electric bills at my current house, but I have lived in homes where it was just ridiculous. I know that my parents’ bill can really be overwhelming at times. The average home’s annual energy bill is $2,200, and to me that is just way too much money to spend on gas and electricity. Numerous companies offer Alberta electricity rates, but they are not local. I’m a bit nervous about the price increase, especially with winter heating, so I’ve really started thinking about ENERGY STAR products that may be able to help lower our bill. Also, efficient gas boilers reduce costs so get an online boiler hut quote while stocks last. There are also places offering a free boiler, but the question is, how do you qualify for a free boiler? Now is the perfect time to know about this because October is an Energy Awareness Month! Visit Appliance Hunter to know which boiler to get.

As we transition from summer to fall, it is a great time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient hvac system, television or computer to save money on your home energy bills. Contact a local heater and ac services contractor to service your existing hvac system or install a new air conditioning and heating system.

If you’re planning to have your hvac system serviced or looking to repair your broken ac this month to maintain their energy-efficiency. If by chance there is furnace dripping water or leaking, you need to call HVAC professionals for furnace repair or furnace replacement. You may also call hvac companies like Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services – HVAC contractor in Memphis, TN. Visit the Hughes Mechanical LLC homepage for additional guidance. Best Buy has more than 2,300 unique ENERGY STAR certified products available in Best Buy stores and online. I sometimes receive letters in the mail telling me about different rebates being offered by switching to more energy-efficient appliances, but then the letter gets lost or thrown away and I tend to forget about it. Did you know that local utility companies often provide additional rebates to help you save up to $300 just by switching out your old appliances? If you’ve received those letters and tossed them out, then have peace knowing you can find any available  ENERGY STAR Rebates online with Best Buy, with their Rebate Finder. Wahoo!

Now for the fun stuff. Check out how much you can save with a new appliance by visiting Best Buy’s ENERGY STAR page. These kinds of these make me happy – shiny new appliances, plus monthly savings on my bills!

Finally, you may want to inspect your electrical system and make sure there aren’t any damages that may lead to higher electric bill. If you see any damages that would require a professional electrical repair in White Plains, NY, you may contact companies like Red Star Electric.

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