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Bringing Scaring School and Monsters University to the 2014 Toyota Sienna

Monsters University Blu-ray Combo Art

My kids were beyond excited when I picked them up from school one day, with not only the new 2014 Toyota Sienna that I am reviewing, but with Monsters University playing on the large movie screen in the new car! Talk about a surprise! I was super lucky to receive both items (not both were able to fit in the mailbox though) on the same day, and what a treat it was. You see, as of October 29th, you can bring scaring school right to your house (or car) with the release of Monsters University on DVD. Ever since we saw the movie in theaters the kids had been anxiously waiting for it’s release to DVD. Some of you may even recall that after we saw the movie, the kids came home and created their own scare simulator, which I just had to catch on video. Needless to say, when the movie came in the mail, I just knew I needed to surprise the kids with it in a big way.

2014 toyota sienna

Because the kids didn’t know I had a brand new 2014 Toyota Sienna showing up at our house while they were at school, I figured it might be a good time to break out all the surprises. You see, the XLE has quite a large movie screen in it. This is the largest movie screen that I have ever seen in a vehicle. So what I did was pop the movie in and get it ready to roll. Then when Bea (my youngest) and I picked the boys up from school, we wowed them with the shiny new car, and the movie playing! For extra effect I even waved at them through the sun roof, which they thought was extra cool. I don’t think my kids have ever been quite that excited just for being picked up from school. I’d say I was a pretty cool mom for at least a few moments.

Monsters University in the 2014 Toyota Sienna

With everyone all settled in the new 8 passenger car, we each had so much room to stretch our legs, kick back, and get our scaring school on. There have been many screams practiced in the car already! I honestly think that we had that movie playing in the car, EVERY TIME we went somewhere, for about 4 days straight! Between all of the trips to and from school, extra curricular activities, the grocery store, etc., I think we were able to watch the move in it’s entirety TWICE! The kids especially love the headphones that came with the car, because then their sound comes out great!

2014 Toyota Sienna

I’ve got an actual road trip planned in the next few days so I anticipate there will be much more movie watching and lounging going on. I’d say we’ll be riding pretty comfy cozy, and it should be our best traveling yet!

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