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Why Disneyland Makes Dreams Come True: I’m Wishing…I’m Wishing…For the Ones I Love

Disneyland Castle 2013

What California vacation would be complete without a stop at Disneyland and California Adventure? Disneyland is, and probably always will be one of my favorite places to visit with my family. Heck, it’s fun with the kids, without the kids, with friends, my husband only, etc. etc. There just seems to be magic in the air whenever we walk the streets of the park.

Star Tours

Over the years I have given some thought to the famous line “Where Dreams Come True”, and why Disneyland makes dreams come true. It all begins in the eyes of a child. I absolutely love witnessing my children’s eyes light up when something magical happens right before their eyes. Perhaps it is experiencing a beloved movie such as Star Wars, first-hand on a 3D ride. Or maybe it is seeing a hero such as Buzz Lightyear, in the flesh!

Disney Princesses

For my daughter, it is meeting the princesses whom she adores. Viewing them in all their beauty and having them speak kind, loving, and encouraging words to my little girl is priceless.

California Adventure Golden Zephyr

As kids get older, I think there is magic in learning more about the behind-the-scenes part of the park. Curiosity of what makes a roller coaster go, and how the characters on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride can look so real at times. So much goes into making Disneyland magical and realistic.

Dole Whip at Disneyland

As an adult, it is a dream of mine to be together with my family, without any fighting or bickering. This reminds me of the line from Snow White, “I’m wishing. I’m wishing. For the one(s) I love..” Disneyland grants me this wish time and time again. Laughing together and challenging one another to experience new things is what continues to bring me joy at Disneyland. Stopping by the Tiki Bar for a Dole Whip certainly makes me happy too! This is a treat that I dream about and long for all year. Nobody makes it like Disney!

The next time you are headed to Disneyland, I highly recommended hitting up Cars Land in California Adventure, because it is a blast! We spent some time there just after dark and had an absolute ball! While the line for Radiator Springs is quite long, I think it is worth it. I grin ear to ear every time we ride! I think it is wise to head over first thing in the morning and get your fast pass. Then the hour before your fast pass is ready, check out the other rides in Cars Land. We love them all!!

We are approaching a new year before you know it, so I’d like to know what YOU are wishing for the new year?

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  • So glad you had such a great time! We love Disneyland too and are lucky enough to live close enough that we can go often! Right now, while the parks are decorated for Christmas is just awesome!

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