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Gifting Millennials High Quality Fragrance Gift Sets at Every Day Low Prices


white diamonds by elizabeth taylor #ScentSavings #shop

I remember the days of being a poor college student who could only afford to shop at thrift stores for my clothing. That was actually during my early married years, which coincided with my college days. Yes, I married young, but hey – it made me a better student! When money is tight there are just some luxuries that one must do without, such as perfume and cologne. But not if you find some awesome deals like I have! Prioritizing where your money would be better spent is something that many of us need to learn, or have learned. Heck, I still do that! College Student #ScentSavings #shop My oldest niece is in her freshman year of college and it is so fun to stay up-to-date on all of her adventures via Facebook. In thinking about the upcoming holidays and gift giving to college students, I have been trying to think of items that would be appreciated and received well. After talking things over with my mom, we decided that perfumes and fragrances make for a fun gift. They are items that someone doesn’t stick into their own priority list, but are so fun to receive. Besides, if you’ve ever received a fragrance as a gift then I’m sure you can relate to recalling the gift giver and the present every time you freshen up. My mom says that every time she sprays her perfume she thinks of my dad who gave it to her. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor #ScentSavings #shop So if you are shopping for a millennial and are on a budget, I have a solution for you! Walmart is currently carrying these fun fragrance gift sets that are department store quality with a budget friendly price tag at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices. I noticed that the Holiday Gift Sets come with 3 different products and sizes for a cute gift. Many of the sets are just $19.88, but some go up to $25. You can find fragrances such as Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, and more! Along with the gift sets is a ringtone offer for some added fun! White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor #ScentSavings #shop While on a girl’s getaway this past weekend, my mom, sisters and I were dining out when a group of men walked past our table and sat down. We all had to turn and look because there was a man among the group who smelled so good! We were so tempted to walk over to their table and ask who it was that smelled so good and what scent it was! Embarrassing perhaps but it shows you how powerful a good scent can be! You can follow along on Twitter with the #ScentSavings hashtag to see what others are saying about these great buys at Walmart!┬áCheck out the LiveSoFab digital magazine to get more great ideas for the holiday. You’ll find the Wonderstruck Enchanted fragrance by Taylor Swift inside.

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  • What a beautiful niece you have – oh, that’s right, she’s my granddaughter ;o) Nice fragrances are such a lovely gift to receive.

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