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Relaxation Tips + Date Night Tips with Genie



I’m sure that most of us could use a few days to get away and to relax and rejuvenate. Unfortunately that is not in the cards for most of us. As such, I thought I would share some relaxation tips with you, that you can do in 5 minutes, or in half a day or more. It’s nice to have some options because different days allow for different amounts of time.

  • 5 minutes: Create a relaxing atmosphere wherever you are with new home scents. Air Wick’s new National Park Collection has four new fragrances inspired by some of our nation’s favorite parks. Go to your local drugstore and pick up one of their Plug-In scents or candles, and get ready to bring the calming scents of nature into your at-home spa. I recommend pairing nice scents with some calming music for just the right effect. Those two things together do wonders for me and my mood, and energy level!
  • 10-20 minutes: Brighten your face with a quickie facial. Pick up the Freeman Beauty Rose Brightening Facial Mask at your local drugstore for just $1.99. The mask is ready to go; just pop it on your clean face, wait 10-20 minutes, and then remove. Rub in the leftover serum, and apply the rest of your nightly moisturizer, and head to bed.
  • 1 hour+: Go to a local department store and get your makeup done! I love doing this! Unfortunately I don’t have a department store in town anymore, so these moments are few and far between, but it’s sure nice to get done up before going out for the night! Elizabeth Arden counters at Macy’s, can give you a makeup makeover and show you tips and tricks for looking your best without stressing about whether a shade looks good on your beautiful face.
  • Half Day or more: Go get a relaxing massage, spa treatment, or enjoy a restful meditation with a Yoga class. You can look up a spa or local Yoga center near you on, book an appointment, and get ready to relax. The site has listings for all types of wellness services from facials for sensitive skin to spin classes. They can also help you book your next vacation at a five star travel destination.
  • What to Wear: Whether you decide to hang at home or head out for spa or wellness activities, pop on a comfortable outfit. Leggings are an easy option, like the Slim & Tone Leggings by Genie, which have a built-in shaper and high waist to smooth out any trouble areas on your lower half while at Yoga, lounging with your favorite book or taking a restorative walk on the beach. I am going to take this tip a bit farther though.

Once I have gotten rejuvenated, I am ready to get looking cute and head out on a date. I have just the products to help! These products are perfect for a busy momma like me, who doesn’t have as much time to work out as I’d like, and doesn’t currently have the PERFECT body. I kid you not, but slipping into the Genie CamiShaper, Slim & Tone Leggings and/or the Milana Bra, seriously makes me feel cute, attractive, and like a woman! I plan to teach you a bit more about these products, so read on…

Genie CamiShaper
The CamiShaper by Genie comes in packs of 3. You can select from 6 different color schemes, to find the right set for you. I have the South Beach set which comes with very bright CamiShapers in blue, green and red. While I love the CamiShaper, I do wish I had been sent a more neutral set of colors to go with more of the clothes I already own. I don’t get to wear them much because the colors just don’t seem to match a lot that I have. Now for what I LOVE about them….

I have never owned a tank or under shirt that held everything together so well. With 5 zones of comfortable compression, each of your trouble areas are held in nicely, for nice smooth lines. This really worked and I felt more trim than I have in months! I may need a size bigger because one thing I noticed was that the cami did tend to want to roll up when sitting down. I’m curious if a bigger size would stay down better.

Genie Slim & Tone Leggings
Now for the Genie Slim & Tone Leggings. Oh how I love these! I have tried a variety of leggings, shorts, etc. to hold things in and all of them had one common problem – they all rolled down when I sat down. The Slim & Tone Leggings do not roll down! The high waist stayed up for me and held me together in so many places, including my thighs! I felt more comfortable wearing things that I wouldn’t have otherwise worn, all because of these leggings. These come in full length and in capri. I am partial to the black and the charcoal pairs, but I say get what goes with your wardrobe!

If you want a little something cute peeping up above your neckline, without having to wear a whole under shirt or cami, the Milana Bra is for you! Not only is this bra super comfortable, but it has an over-layer of lace that pops up above the bra line. I am able to wear this bra with other shirts that typically require a tank underneath, to avoid a super low neckline. The addition of the lace just helps me feel feminine. My only complaint about this bra is that the fabric isn’t super breathable so my back gets a little hot at times. Will be perfect during the winter months though!

Now that you’ve got some tips for relaxing and then for looking and feeling your best, hit the town with your man!

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  • Another great (and free) way to rejuvenate is to bring a blanket outside, take your laptop and play some classical music on Pandora and lay out under the stars. If you make it a date, grab a bottle of wine and a cheese and fruit tray. Nothing recharges more than settling yourself in the midst of the grandeur of the outdoors.

  • I love the idea of a spa day, however it is not in my budget so when I get a hair cut, I pay a little extra to have them shampoo my hair…it just feels so good!

  • I love the idea of a facial at the end of a long day. I may have to research which ones to get at my local store. Thanks for the great tips and reviews on the Genie leggings.

  • When I need a pick me up/stress reliever, I love to get my hair done whole hog…wash, cut and style. I feel like a new woman! And, I am intrigued by the Slim and Tone Leggings…I love that they have a high waist. I too, have that waistband rolling problem! I plan to try them out!

  • When I am low on cash, feeling stressed, tired but unable to sleep well, I force myself to take a long walk outside. It really does help and I feel so much better, more relaxed and able to get to sleep that night. The combination of the fresh air, the nature walk and just moving my body makes me feel better about myself and everything else.

  • I love that milana bra, what a great idea. Sometimes layering can get hot, this would be a great alternative

  • Love it and agree!! We have to expend some time in us for relax. Love the idea of fragrance, this always number one at my home, another idea is play music! Works for me too 🙂

  • I’ve seen the Genie on tv and always wondered if it really work. Thanks for the review, now I know. There are so many goodies in this review, I love it, Thanks for posting!

  • I’ve heard or read about these ideas a few times in magazines or on tv and always forget about taking time for myself, especially now that I have a one year old. Hopefully I can keep these in mind and use a few of them in my daily routines.

  • I’ve been looking for a good facial mask, I think I’ll have to try the one you recommend in this post. Also, don’t the makeup counter people only do half your face?

  • Thanks for the ideas. My husband has purchased a massage for me in the past & it was so relaxing, but it’s not something we can afford too often. I recently received a gift card for a manicure/pedicure & it was just as relaxing when she began to massage my feet & legs & was a fraction of the cost.

  • I like the idea of creating a relaxing atmosphere wherever you because I know that certain scents do wonders for me and my mood,and energy level also. Lavender or vanilla sure does help!

  • I love to take time out for a good relaxing day, and a facial mask always rejuvenates me. I like the Milana Bras and that is the type of bra for me. I also love the leggings and want some for Christmas. I will have to take a look at these!!

  • I love making my own face mask and doing a diy facial or a mani/pedi for myself when i have relaxation time.

  • Going to the spa is not in my budget being a single mom of 5 kids. I just make my own spa products at home. They are waaaayyyy cheaper and can be made with the things you have in your kitchen cabinets. I make my own brown sugar scrubs, bath soaks and whipped body butters. I just light my candles in the bathroom and relax. But those moments normally don’t last too long because one of my kids will come knocking on the door.

  • wow I love that camisole. it looks so comfortable and fashionable. It looks great on you. For my relaxation I love to light candles 🙂

  • These are some great ideas. I don’t get much relaxation time as a single mother to 3 kids. I occasionally go get a pedicure for my time to relax.

  • I’ve never had my makeup done at a retail store but it does sound like it would be very relaxing & after reading this I think I’m going to have to get it done 🙂

  • I’ve always wondered about those Freeman masks! I think I’ll try one now thanks to this- I need all the R&R I can get 🙂

  • This may seem silly, but I will go into Yankee candle and sniffed all the sense. Stuff like peppermint gets me awake and ready for more!

  • I love the idea of the cami shaper! So convenient 🙂 When I want to relax, I like to light some vanilla candles and eat some chocolate 😉

  • I love the idea of getting your makeup done at the department store! I also like doing a quick at home pedi on myself. There’s something about having pretty toes that makes me feel good 🙂

  • i never thiought of going to department store to get my make up done what a great idea, that is so awesome, i love the cami shaper leggings, sometimes we need all the help we can get, very cool. great post i love all of your wonderful ideas, thanks a bunch

  • I love the relaxing tips!!!! I also think spending some quite time in nature is a great way to relax. Love to go to the beach and feel my toes in the sand!!!

  • I love tights so thanks for featuring the Slim & Tone Leggings by Genie – will try this product. Also another way for me to relax: bubble baths and body scrubs. Thanks!

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