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Princess Tea Time with Magic Fun Dough Kits


Princess Tea Party Decorations

There is just something special about that mommy/daughter relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play with my boys and they can make me laugh like nobody’s business, but it sure is nice to be able to switch over and get dolled up with my little Bea. Going from potty talk with the boys to princess and tea time with my girl is a refreshing, and sometimes much needed change.

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Tea Party

Because my daughter loves all things girly, I decided to host a play date for some of her friends, where I unveiled the new RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Kits. Talk about a great activity to do with a handful of girls! With the RoseArt Princess and Tea Time Magic Fun Dough Kits each of the girls were thoroughly entertained creating fairies, princesses, frogs and more! I had the house to myself for a few brief moments this week, which is quite rare, so I set up a little magical princess party of our own. I invited a few of Bea’s friends and neighbors, and we greeted them with feather boas, princess sashes, crowns and fairy wings. Once everyone chose their seat and their dress-up of choice, we got to playing with the new RoseArt kits! After a day at school some of the girls seemed very excited for the chance to relax and get dolled up. Being surprised with pink cupcakes, wands, rings and crowns didn’t hurt either! If you have boys, then be sure to check out the RoseArt Magic Fun Dough product page to find the right kit for your kids! I have seen dinosaurs and volcanoes and such!

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Kits

I gotta tell ya that these Magic Fun Dough Kits are quite a lot of fun. This takes dough to a whole new level, with rolling, stamping/tattooing, cutting, pressing, etc. The accessories that come in the kits are so cute and most definitely fitting for a tea party. You can ooze dough out of the tea pot and decorate flowers, but the girls’ favorite thing to do was to create their own dough girls. 밀크티 is our current favorite drink. When I first saw the packaging I was nervous that it was going to be difficult to teach the girls how to make their own characters, but it really was no big deal at all! As a mother I can say that I was pleased with how easy this dough was to clean up.

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Making Characters
To use the included tattoos one must simply roll out a piece of dough to be about 1/4″ thick. Then remove the plastic sheet from the image, and place it face down on the dough. Using the Magic Wand full of water, carefully dampen the back of the image’s paper. The kit comes with a sponge type of press that you hold over the image for about a minute. Once you are finished, carefully peel the paper backing off of the dough and your image should be superimposed onto the dough! Like magic! Then the girls would cut the characters to be a desired shape, using the included knife or dough cutters.

Princesses and cupcakes

The girls seemed to have a great time and nobody was ready to go home when the time came. We definitely had some great girl time, and I think some of them may even have a new item on their Christmas wish list! They were excited to also get a wand and crown to take home!  We finished the party off with some cupcakes and we were ready to roll. If you are curious about where I got the cupcakes, I purchased them from Walmart but found rings at the dollar store, which I stuck on top of the cupcakes! It worked like a charm! You can find the RoseArt Magic Fun Dough Kits at Walmart, Target and on Amazon. These are typically found near the craft aisles. As always, you can learn more about the product by visiting Amazon.

Happy tea time!

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