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Win a Pair of Jaybird Headphones: Ideal Gift for the Fitness Fan in Your Life

I was sponsored by Jaybird Headphones to tell you about an amazing chance to win a pair of Jaybird Headphones! All opinions are 100% my own.

With the holidays right around the corner, I have started trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on my list. Every year the person who is hardest to shop for is my husband! I always am trying to find a perfect gift for him, to show him how much I appreciate him, but he is just hard to shop for!

I just heard about a new gadget that I think would make a great “guy gift” for my hubby, Jaybird Headphones. There are two components of Jaybird Headphones that make them unlike any others on the market.

First, they are wireless. I think this would be great for my hubby, because he loves listening to music while he works, but hates being wrapped up in wires or having to worry about where to put his phone. With the wireless capability of Jaybird headphones, he could keep his phone in his pocket or on a nearby table and have his hands completely free for working.

Another great feature of Jaybird Headphones is that the headphone buds have a patented secure fit, making them what they call the “MVP of secure fit wireless buds.” My husband spends a lot of his day bending over to fix machinery, so having a secure fitting headphone would be an ideal way for him to enjoy music without needing to constantly readjust the headphones.

The Jaybird Headphones would also make a great gift for the fitness fan in your life. The secure fit, and wireless capability of the headphones would make listening to music while working out, so much easier. Jaybird Headphones have a lifetime warranty against sweat, so they are built to withstand even the toughest workouts! To see this in action, visit theirwebsite, and see a video of Jaybird Headphones being put through a rigorous CrossFit workout.

Jaybird Headphones retail for $169.95 (with free shipping) and are available at the Jaybird website.

Now for the most exciting part! Jaybird Headphones, has asked Clever Housewife readers to be a part of a campaign in which they will give away 1 pair of their headphones per day! Entry is easy, just fill out the form below to enter, and readers can re-enter every day! The form will pop up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. So be sure to enter for a chance to win this fantastic holiday gift for anyone interested in fitness, sports, music or gadgets!


Leanne Cox is a guest writer for She is a stay-at-home mom to two kids, and a credentialed preschool teacher. Leanne teaches “mommy-and-me” and “preschool style” music & movement classes through her business “Little Stars Music & Movement Classes” . She is passionate about encouraging early childhood education through hands on learning and exploration

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