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“Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off” Guide with Recipes & Cleaning Tips by Formula 409

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The rain has FINALLY begun! It feels like forever since we have had rain, but it started raining this afternoon and hasn’t stopped. I love the pitter patter sounds of rain outside my window. I’ve been snuggled up in my covers, taking turns cuddling each of my kids, just listening to the rain. When it’s cold out sometimes the perfect thing to eat is a bowl of soup or chili. Maybe with a bit of hot chocolate? Talk about comfort foods to warm the belly! In fact, anytime we go to the snow, we bring homemade chili and hot chocolate!

Formula 409’s new “Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off” guide is out and they have some tasty sounding chili recipes, like the one pictured above by Erin from $5 Dinners. Whip up a batch of homemade cornbread and enjoy with a delicious new recipe. Not only are you getting some new recipes, but the “” guide offers everything you need to know about throwing your own chili throwdown party at home – including how to clean-up after it!

In the guide you will find recipes from chef, author and James Beard Award finalist, Kevin Gillespie. He also gives decorating, entertaining and clean-up tips. I don’t think that the process of making chili is all that messy, but it sure can leave some messy dishes. If my kids are eating it then it is bound to end up spilled onto the table and countertops as well. It’s no secret that Americans have a love/hate relationship with messy foods like chili – they love the food, but hate the clean-up. To help you enjoy your chili a bit more, here are a few fun tidbits of info about America’s love affair with grease.

America’s Love Affair with Grease Survey Findings from Formula 409:

  • Chicken and Bacon…Forget the Waffles: Compared to other greasy foods, consumers feel that cooking fried chicken is most worth the mess (24 percent), with bacon coming in second at 18 percent.
  • Bring on the Bacon!: Respondents indicated that if they were a professional eater, bacon (26 percent) and hot dogs (25 percent) are the top foods they would choose to eat in competitions.
  • More than a fling: Americans have a love/hate relationship with greasy food.  Fifty-six percent of Americans love cooking greasy foods for parties but hate the clean-up.
  • The Morning After: Fifty-eight percent of Americans would entertain more if they didn’t have to worry about the clean-up.
  • For the Love of Clean!: Sixty-three percent say they feel great once they finish cooking something for a party, but quickly become discouraged when they see the mess that needs cleaning.

Be sure to check out the clean-up tips in the guide, to make the morning after dread not so bad!

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