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Hidden Pockets and Security with Scottevest Clothing



Scottevest is a clothing company that makes it their goal to engineer clothes capable of holding all of today’s gadgets. They create jackets, vests, pants, shirts, etc… that have smartly placed pockets; these pockets make carrying phones, ipods, travel documents, and even ipads a breeze. Their clothing line is durable and comfortable.

Expedition Jacket

Perfect for travelers, getting through airport security is exponentially simpler. You can purchase jackets with up to 37 pockets; it’s basically a carry-on. The pockets are easily accessible, and it makes carrying important items such as your passport and wallet uncomplicated. There is a headphone feature to securely keep your headphones hidden through your clothes. The company will also reimburse you up to 1,000 dollars for any personal belongings that have been pickpocketed. They are confident in the security of the pockets they make, with zippers, and the majority of the pockets being hidden.

Lucille Cardigan

There are options for men and women’s clothing in many different styles and clothing items. Not only do they design jackets and vests that are full of pockets there are even shirts and pants that have expanded pocket capability. There are also options for cold and warm weather. I received the Lucille Cardigan in cloud, and I love it! It is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. With pockets inside of pockets, I have room to carry just about anything I need. I especially love the loose rolled collar that can convert into a hood if I run into a little rain.

scottevest button down shirt

For the man in your life, one of Scottevest’s Button Down shirts would make a lovely gift. They are sharp looking for any work day, and with 6 pockets, he can hold everything he may need during the day. The material is nice and sturdy and so far no issues with wrinkling!

The Scottevest website is easily navigable with a feature that helps you decide which clothes to buy based off the pocket number and price range. The clothes are affordable based off what they have to offer since you are basically buying a jacket and bag in one. These clothes would make the perfect gift especially for the avid traveler in your life. With convenience for the consumer in mind, Scottevest has perfected the idea of exploring every utility of the clothes we wear.

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