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Holiday Travel Tips Inspired By Disney’s Planes

Traveling this season? I was sponsored to bring you these great holiday travel tips inspired by Disney’s Planes, in honor of the new DVD and blu-ray release!

Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays, and although the traffic is horrific, its all worth it to be with loved ones for Christmas! The experts from the new Disney Movie, Planes, have offered some fun and helpful advice to assist you with your holiday travel plans! Check out this cute slideshow with five helpful travel tips featuring your favorite Planes Characters.

This fun slideshow got me thinking of some of the times that I have traveled over the holidays. As a child, every Christmas we would have Christmas morning at our house and then all pile in the car to enjoy Christmas Dinner with my cousins, who lived several hours away. Every year it seemed like this annual Christmas journey was the biggest adventure of the year! There was always some kind of hiccup on the way! There was the year our car broke down, the year we where stuck in stand-still traffic for hours, the year we got in a car accident and the year we picked up a hitch-hiker (I’m guessing my dad was trying to share the Christmas Spirit with a stranger). No matter what happened, we always seemed to make it there one way or another and that made it all worth it!

To go on your own travel adventure, without even needing to leave your home, check out the new Disney movie, Planes. In this movie, crop-duster Dusty wants to take on the world’s fastest planes in a once-in-a-lifetime race. Unfortunately, Dusty’s dreams seem to reach higher then he does as he realizes he is afraid of heights. With a little help, he sores to new heights, while learning a valuable lesson about courage and friendship.
Disney’s Planes is on sale now, nationwide! The blu-ray and DVD combo pack with free digital copy retails for $44.99 but is on sale right now at Amazon for just $19.96!

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