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Meet Shelby, the 2014 Toyota Sienna, and How She Got a New Family



Hi, I’m Shelby. I am a redhead who loves to go for long drives. As a 2014 Toyota Sienna, having a family is new to me. I came straight from the factory and was fully trained to showcase my beautiful features to help attract a family who will love and take care of me. Luckily I found a family who happens to love redheads. In fact, they have 4 little redheads of their own! We seem like a match made in heaven.

When I showed up at the Lyon home I was a little nervous to meet my new family. Would they love me? Will they treat me well and take good care of me? I wondered if they would make me sleep outside, or if I would get to sleep in the warmth and comfort of the garage. So many questions running through my pipes. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Lyons adore me! It pleased me to hear squeals of delight at my many features when they met me. Everyone was excited to sit upon my seats and go for a drive while watching my 16.4″ display. Mom seems to love that the kids can put on my cordless headphones to listen to the movies. No cords to get tangled, and no noisy movie for mom. She can even listen to the radio while the kids watch and listen to their movie!

Heated Seats in the 2014 Toyota Sienna

It has gotten quite cold out and I am pleased to say that my new family allows me to sleep in the garage so I don’t get overly cold. No frost on my windows! Mom must be feeling cold too because whenever she gets in, she is quick to turn on the heated seats for drive and passenger. So glad that I can help warm her bum and make her feel nice and toasty. I know the family was pretty excited about my moonroof, but that might have to wait until warmer days.

Power Doors and Liftgate for the 2014 Toyota Sienna

It seems that mom often has her hands full so I am super happy to be able to offer her dual power sliding doors and a power liftgate. All she has to do is push some buttons on the Smart Key System, and I open right up for her so she can unload her arms. Once inside, the kids can just push a button and my doors will close. Or mom can push a different button near the ceiling, to open and close the doors for the kids. Seems to be convenient for everyone! I have noticed that mom has a bit of a bad shoulder. It pleases me that when the liftgate is open, she just has to push a button and I will close it for her! No muscle needed!

I have noticed that my family likes to travel. My favorite thing is to fill up with a tank of gas and load my seats with my new family. They all seem to be quite comfortable because with 8 seats, everyone has their own space. With my many compartments everyone has a place to stash their electronics, books, paper and pencils, and even their own cup holder for when we have to stop for lunch or dinner. I think we all love to travel together. I have to say that so far, I am loving my new family. I think they are pretty fond of me too!

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