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A New Take on Classic Toys with Poppin’ Park Pop ‘n Pick Up Elefun and Sesame Street Elmo Junction Train Set

I was able to relive some childhood memories while enjoying playtime with my toddler and using two new Playskool toys which I received for review. One of the exciting things about being a parent at Christmas time, is getting to see (and play with) your kids’ new toys! I can’t deny that there have been several times that my hubby and I have had way too much fun staying up on Christmas Eve, “testing out” the kids’ toys.

There is something magical about being a parent at Christmastime, that lets you relive the excitement of childhood Christmases. I think this is why, I am naturally drawn to toys that remind me of toys that I had when I was when I was a kid. This year, some of the newest toys from Playskool, have done exactly that! They have taken classic Playskool toys that I remember having as a kid, and have put a new twist on them, making them a loveable toy for an all new generation.

The first is Playskool’s newest take on the classic game, Elefun. I still remember when my younger brother got the game of Elefun for Christmas. Even though I was a little old for the game at that time, it didn’t stop me from enjoying hours of catching butterflies from the elephant’s nose with butterfly nets. Now I can experience a whole new take on Elefun with my 2 year old daughter, with Playskool’s brand new toy, Poppin’ Park Pop ‘n Pick Up Elefun Toy. 20131204-115413.jpg This toy features the same adorable elephant that we know and love from the classic Elefun game, but as a push-toy with a handle at the back. When a toddler pushes the elephant, it picks up balls (included with toy) in it’s mouth and spits them out of his trunk! Just like the classic game of Elefun, the balls can pop out any time and in any direction, making it a game of laughable surprises for your toddler! I truly loved this toy because it is ideal for an active toddler! My little girl is very active and always loves to be moving. This is a great “active” toy that can keep her moving, but is small enough to keep indoors, making it a fantastic way to keep her busy during cold winter months. Another great feature is that its a great toy to get my toddler and my 7 year old playing together, as she can push the elephant and make the balls pop out, and he can enjoy trying to catch them. For moms, a big plus is that it is a great design, made of durable plastic and with slots in the handle to store the extra balls. Elmo Junction Train Set The other toy that took me back to my childhood is Playskool’s new Sesame Street Elmo Junction Train Set. I just love that Sesame Street is still a part of my children’s lives. I remember watching it as a child, and am so happy that the beloved Sesame Street characters are still around for my kids! With the Elmo Junction Train Set, my toddler can enjoy these characters in a brand new way. 20131204-120427.jpg Elmo Junction is a toddler’s first train set, complete with tracks, train station and a working train engineered by Elmo. Elmo sings and talks to kids as he makes his way around the track. When your toddler is done playing trains, Elmo Junction can be converted to a bi-level road for cars such as the taxi, driven by Sesame Street’s Grover, which is also included. I brought this toy out during a recent play date for my 2 year old daughter and 1 year old nephew, and they where both so excited to see it! Even before it was out of the box, my nephew was so excited pointing to it and saying “Elmo, Elmo!” A feature that I loved is that the entire toy, tracks and cars can be folded up inside of itself, making it easy to clean up and store.

The Poppin’ Park Pop ‘n Pick Up Elefun Toy can be found nationwide and retails for $29.99 (currently on sale for $21.99 on Amazon), and Sesame Street Elmo Junction Train Set retails nationwide for $44.99 (on sale for $29.97 on Amazon).


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