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KRE-O Giveaway: Bring Bricks to Life with SONIC MOTION TECHNOLOGY

kre-o cityville invasion

Building bricks and playing apps are two very popular activities among my three boys. If my kids aren’t playing outside then they are likely to be found building something out of building bricks or playing an app on my phone or iPad. Now my boys are some happy campers because Hasbro has done something amazing and they have asked me to help spread the word – they have combined the two things into one awesome playset! This year, the KRE-O construction brand from Hasbro is changing the face of brick-based play with the introduction of SONIC MOTION TECHNOLOGY and a KRE-O CityVille INVASION line inspired by the all new CityVille Invasion app by ZYNGA.

Curious how this works? I sure was! In each building set that has been equipped with SONIC MOTION TECHNOLOGY, batteries are installed and when turned on, sound waves trigger specific movements in special KRE-O bricks. This creates a live action scene. Now your building bricks can come to life! For my twins’ 8th birthday I surprised them with three playsets from the KRE-O CityVille INVASION line. There is a story behind each line of bricks and in the CityVille INVASION line the evil DR. MAYHEM has created a supernatural squad to aid him in world domination. Each KRE-O CityVille set tells a part of the story and includes both “hero” and “villain” KREON figures for kids to play with.

KRE-O Marina Madness Building Set

The first set we put together (yes, I helped!) was the KRE-O CityVille INVASION MARINA MADNESS Building Set. Retailing at only $19.99, this set comes with 206 pieces and is full of fun. Because of a SONIC MOTION enabled shark on the loose, the many figures that come in this set must team up to capture the predator before he destroys the area. I find this set to be so cute (don’t tell my boys I said that), because the way you build the marina sets to stage to actually capture said shark. You’ve got a shark transport vehicle, fishing boat, crane and spear projectile.


For those app loving kids, this KRE-O building set comes with an exclusive QR Code to unlock KREONs in the CityVille INVASION app. As with all of the KRE-O CityVille INVASION Building Sets, they can be found at most major retailers nationwide and I recommend collecting all of the sets for some serious playtime in your kids’ own mini city. My husband and I have been known to lose track of time building away with the kids. Brings back some childhood memories of creating mini cities. Granted it was some other girly village I created as a kid, but same idea. We paired our Marina with the CityVille INVASION POLICE STATION ZOMBIE DEFENSE and the SKYSCRAPER MAYHEM. So much fun!


Want to want makes this even more fun? One Cleverhousewife reader will win a KRE-O CityVille Invasion Prize Pack with one of each of these three sets (MSRP $85)! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 12/17. To enter fill out the form below.

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