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Shop Safely: Tips For Personal Safety This Shopping Season with CatchyClips

Tis the season for thefts to be at a yearly peak. Check out these tips for personal safety during your holiday shopping, and learn how I was sponsored by CatchyClips to tell you about a product that helps you to leave the parking lot safely.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone is busy shopping and running from store to store getting all of those last minute gifts. This also makes it the busiest time of year for criminals, trying to take advantage of all of the extra people out and about.

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A few months ago, I attended a workshop about personal safety, especially for women, taught by a local police officer. He said that the most common form of crime that an average person is likely to encounter is a theft or burglary. He added that sadly the holidays are a time when the odds of getting targeted are at their highest. He gave a few easy to follow, common-sense safety tips that I would like to share.

* Park Responsibly: When looking for a parking spot, the closer to the front, the better. Look for spots that have a lot of foot traffic, such as near the cart return or walkways. At night, try to park in a well lighted area and avoid a secluded space.

* Stash The Goods: Keep your shopping and other valuables locked in the trunk compartment of your car, rather then putting them on your seat. This makes your property less visible and harder to get to.

*Take a Mall Break: If you have a full day of shopping planned, take a break every hour or two and go back and check on the car. This signals to criminals that may be watching the area, that you are going to be coming back and forth a lot and makes your car a less desirable target.

*Keep Your Receipts: If you are going to be going to several stores within the day, and keeping items in your car, keep your receipts with you. This way if something does go missing, you can easily give the police an accurate description of the items and their value.

*No Fumbling: At the workshop I attended, the police officer could not stress enough the importance of having your keys handy in the parking lot. He said that the easiest time for a thief to take advantage of you is when you are fumbling through your purse looking for car keys. He said that a thief can easily walk past and swipe a few bags or items from your cart while you are distracted.


I recently learned about a fantastic new product available that can help shoppers to avoid purse fumbling, called CatchyClips. CatchyClips are clever key rings that attach to the inside of your purse using a magnetic clip. This helps shoppers to be able to quickly access their keys, cards or accessories without being distracted by an unorganized purse.

These items are available from for $10.00 each, with customized colors and designs. CatchyClips would make a great gift for a friend, co-worker, mother, daughter, or sister who you wish to keep protected this holiday season.
Print off this handy “cheat sheet” and pair it with the CatchyClip for a gift that could really make a difference in the life of someone you love.

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