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Dive Into Science With “Here Come The Octonauts” DVD Giveaway

I surprised my little science lover with an Octonauts DVD and Playset, which I received for review, and you can also enter to win your own copy of “Here Come the Octonauts” on DVD. Learn more…

My 7 year old son is such a smart kid! He is very inquisitive and curious and loves exploring and investigating things, so anything science-related is right up his alley. He has such a natural ability to learn things, that I try to foster that as much as possible. So when we discovered “The Octonauts,” a show on Disney Junior about underwater exploration and animal discoveries, he was interested right away!

In the Octonauts, Captain Barnacles, and his crew work on the Octopod, an underwater base to explore, rescue and protect underwater creatures. As they discover a creature in need, they work together to learn more about the creature and figure out how to help it. My favorite part of the show is the “creature report” which is actual footage and facts about the real-life creatures that the Octonauts are rescuing during the episode. It makes learning about the different underwater creatures exciting and relevant to kids.

My little science-lover recently had a birthday, and I wanted to
give him a toy that would let him use his imagination while incorporating his love of science. I found that exact thing in the Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset.

This Playset allows kids to be right in the middle of the action, as they can send their Octonauts figurines down slides, up ladders, pulling up baskets and riding in the “GUP-A” to rescue sea creatures. The set comes with Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, the “GUP-A” and several different sea-creatures to be rescued (additional figurines, GUPs and creatures sold separately) . It also comes with an “octo-alert” button that can be attached to the top of the octopod that says actual phrases from the show. My son loves this toy so much! It is really nice to see him use his imagination as he plays with it, but also uses science terms that I know he picked up from the show.

Octonauts Playset
Along with the Octopod, I was able to give him an advanced copy of the new Octonauts DVD “Here Come the Octonauts” (available nationwide 1/7).

here come the octonauts
This DVD includes 6 full length episodes where you will learn about Sea Sharks, Walrus Chiefs, Adelie Penguins, Electric Torpedo Rays, Colossal Squids, and Crabs and Urchins as Captain Barnacles and his crew go on exciting adventures to explore, rescue and protect them. The DVD was the perfect compliment to the Octopod, as my son enjoys acting out the scenes with his Octopod while watching the episodes.

If you have any little science lovers of your own, here are a few ways to let them dive into the excitement! Visit the Octonauts website to decorate a kelp cake, navigate a maze, play hide and seek and print free coloring pages and activities.

Also, One lucky Cleverhousewife Reader will win their own copy of “Here Come the Octonauts” on DVD! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 1/23. Enter below for your chance to win!


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