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Kids Expressing Their Style with Ficklets® Eyewear Charms


Ficklets® Eyewear Charms for Kids #shop

I can remember begging my parents to have my eyes checked when I was in elementary school. I desperately wanted the optometrist to say that I needed glasses. Not because I wanted to have difficulty seeing, but because I thought glasses were so cool! Between 4th and 6th grade, I kept telling my parents that I thought my eyes needed be checked, for reading if nothing else. Finally in 6th grade, my optometrist took pity on me and gave me my first prescription! Not something that ever gets excited for, but I was! He said that my vision really wasn’t bad at all and that the glasses were optional. I didn’t care because I finally had my glasses! For a short time I thought my reading glasses were the coolest thing ever. Looking back at them now, I can see that they were in fact quite nerdy with their thick green frames, but today kids can add fun eyewear charms! Makes me chuckle just thinking of me and my 6th grade mind. 

As of right now none of my kids are in need of glasses, but I imagine my twins will be needing them before too long. They just barely pass their vision tests so I’m sure to have them checked on a semi-regular basis. Their dad has really poor vision so it’s not surprising. I don’t know if any kids these days consider it “cool” to have glasses, but after doing some browsing at the Vision Center at Walmart, I have found that glasses for kids have come a long way. This is a very good thing because when talking to my boys about their impending vision difficulties, they express nervousness over the whole thing. If they can feel a bit stylish or cool, that will definitely ease some of the pressure.

Ficklets® Eyewear Charms for Kids #shop

Not only are glasses much improved, but now Ficklets® are making eyeglasses fun one kid at a time! Visit your nearest #WalmartVisionCenter to check out the selection of eyewear charms, to dress up any pair of glasses! Kids can show off their own style by selecting from a variety of charms that simply attach to the temple of the frame by a band. Children can show their active and sporty side with sports themed Ficklets®, or they can show off their fun and flirty side with hearts and flowers. 

Ficklets® Eyewear Charms for Kids #shop

Ficklets® eyewear charms are quite affordable and kids can collect them to swap them out every day of the week if they’d like! Surprising your kids with a new packet of Ficklets® when they come home with a good report card, or exhibit some good behavior. Or take the kids into your Walmart Vision Center and let them have their own eyeglasses fun by picking out their own pack of Ficklets®, and letting them trade among each other! I’m thinking there might be more kids like me after all – wanting in on the whole eyeglasses thing, just to look stylish. Follow the #Ficklets® and #customcharmsforcustomkids hashtags to see what others are saying about the product!

Which charms do you think your kids would like?

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