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Low Price Guarantee and Ultimate Best Buy Showroom


Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop

When I hear about home theaters and home theater equipment, the very first image that pops into my head is that of the ultimate showroom at Best Buy stores. I kid you not but ever since I was very young, Best Buy is the first store that comes to mind when I envision a home theater. I know why too! When I have stepped inside of the Best Buy Home Theater Showroom I have been blown away by the amazing sound and images, and have never seen or heard any other place, or home quite like it. I have always dreamed of creating my own home theater with amazing sound and picture like those in the Best Buy showrooms. Some day….Some day.

Best Buy 3D TV Glasses #OneBuyForAll #shop

My kids despise shopping but when I tell them we are going to Best Buy they get pretty excited. They love Best Buy because of all of the hands-on electronics that they get to play with while I do my shopping. They test out video games, big screen TVs, sound systems and more! My big guy found a demo for a TV with 3D glasses and thought that was pretty cool.

Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater #OneBuyForAll #shop

On a recent trip to Best Buy, we took the time to walk around, and sit, in the Magnolia Theater. They’ve got the perfect set-up with comfy chairs, clear pictures, and excellent sound.

Sound Studio at Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop

Back in the corner was a sound studio room that would just blow you away. I was in awe by the sound, and to be honest, my kids were completely captivated by the sound quality that they sat still in there for about an hour, with my mom, while I shopped! If that’s all it takes to get the kids to sit still and actually watch a movie then I just may have to do some purchasing and installing! Best Buy truly is the ultimate showroom for home theater and TV’s where you can touch, feel, and see a product before you purchase it. You can also view their Home Theater Services online.

Testing Speakers at Best Buy #shop

I have a fairly new television so what I was in the market for was either some speakers or a sound bar to improve our sound quality,  TV accessories, or a new antenna. We don’t subscribe to cable or satellite so we just rely on our trusty antenna to get us a few of the main channels. This can prove to be a bit difficult since we live 45 minutes away from the bigger cities. Finding a decent one on a budget can also price to be tricky.  But then I learned about something cool – the Best Buy low price guarantee! They will price match just about anywhere. So after testing out different wall and ceiling speakers I decided on an antenna.

Terk Antenna #shop

I found an antenna that looked pretty good, and it was priced at $79.99. I whipped out my handy dandy smartphone and started scouring the internet for better deals on the same model. I made out like a bandit because I found that Amazon was selling the same antenna for $46!! That’s almost half off! I was so excited and the cashier was pretty impressed with my mad price-matching skills. I got lucky too because I just checked Amazon pricing and it has already gone up in price. So next time you are shopping at Best Buy, don’t forget about their low price guarantee, and their price matching policy! You can also use their Home Theater Buying Guide to aid you in your decision making.

Happy shopping, testing and playing! Be sure to follow the #CollectiveBias and #OneBuyForAll hashtags to see what great buys others are getting!

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  • What a good deal you got! That’s awesome! I love to save money and I didn’t know their price matching policy included Amazon! Thank you and congratulations! 😉

  • Dude. That is a FANTASTIC deal! And that Antenna is a heck of a lot nicer than the aluminum-coated wire hanger thing that used to adorn our TV like a redneck tiara. I love Best Buy and their price matching skills, but I’m so jealous that yours had the Magnoila home theater system area. Mine didn’t have that and I would have loved to have thrown my kids in there while I shopped! #client

  • I agree, Best Buy has always presented the ideal home theater system! It is officially our go-to place for the best tech products! #client

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