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Organize the Garage with HangerJack (Giveaway)


Finding storage space and ideas for the home is a problem that people have faced for centuries. We know this because there is a TV show about people collecting item after item and having nowhere to store them! Hoarders anyone? The garage is one of those spaces that frustrates me like nobody’s business. I feel like we can organize the garage every week and it still seems cluttered and crowded when I go to pull my car in. The biggest culprits for a chaotic mess are bicycles! My kids often bring their bikes into the garage and throw them on the ground, creating a mountain of bikes, helmets, balls, etc. I’m sure some of you can relate!

Garage Organization with HangerJacks

Applied Arts and Sciences, Inc believes they have a solution to provide some method of organization to that messy garage. Let me introduce you to the HangerJack. It is a sturdy, collapsible wall mount that looks sleek enough to put just about anywhere in the house. We use it to store our bikes and garden hoses, but it can also be used to hang clothes, towels, ladders, wires, or almost anything else; the possibilities are endless! You’ve got hanging space when you need it, and it folds up when you don’t!

Garage Organization with the HangerJack

Does anyone want to admit to having a garage so full of stuff, that you hardly know what’s in there? Perhaps there is box after box of items that you keep intending to go through, but never take the time to do. I say start with the walls. Take out what you know will hang neatly against the wall, and use your HangerJack to help you out. They are deep enough (24″) to store multiple items if needed, or in our case – two bikes.

The HangerJack has a clean enough look that if the need arose, you could put it just about anywhere in the house. Installation is easy as well. We did have a slight problem with the included screws breaking on us, but we had some on hand that worked fine and dandy. There are 5 simple steps given with the package, or found online. I am sure DIY’ers could get really creative with uses for this simple tool.

To get you on your way with organizing your home for the new year, I am giving away 2 HangerJacks to one lucky reader! Each HangerJack retails for $29.95! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 1/20. To enter, fill out the form below.

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