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DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas

I was asked to participate in Evite’s #EviteBabyTrends series. Although I have been compensated, all views are my own. I’m sharing Easy DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas. Tutorials for buntings, flower centerpieces and more, to host the perfect baby shower. 

Yay, it’s time for part two of my 5-part Baby Shower Series! As a refresher each week for the next month or so, I will be sharing some tips and tricks, with the help of Evite, for hosting an awesome baby shower! The first post in the series introduces some great diaper deals. You can still snag some great printable Huggies coupons, so get those now for your own little ones or for the next baby shower you need to attend.

Baby Shower Decor Front Door

Today we’re talking about Baby Shower Decor. I just love decorating for parties, because it gives me an excuse to go shopping and/or get creative and come up with some fun decor on a budget. To get started I began thinking about how to welcome guests to the party with some fun pieces on the doorstep. I found some really fun looking crates which I set up outside the door and set a stuffed bunny (holding a chick) on. Then I tied the baby shower balloons to the bunny’s wrist. A simple door hanging is nice too! To get some inspiration for my baby shower planning, I took a peek at what Evite has to offer. Evite demonstrated this beautiful Paper Fan Photo Backdrop which I found to be so fun and classy looking. I’m sure it wouldn’t cost much to make either.  ­So, I decided to take their idea and do a little something of my own, using paper. 

Baby Shower Bunting

For a simple baby shower bunting you just need two or three colors of paper. You could go with solid paper, but I love to get those packs of scrapbook paper at Michael’s, with a variety of prints. In the big packs of 12×12 scrapbook paper you can usually find at least three of each print. I went with three prints, which helped determine my color scheme for the party, and I alternated them in my bunting. After you have selected the prints/papers you want to use, cut them into large triangles of equal size. 

Take the cut triangles and fold the tops down about 1/4-1/2″, to hide the ribbon you will use to attach each triangle. Fold the paper down toward the off side, and trim any overhanging pieces so you end up with a nice triangle. Line up all triangles side by side so the tips are barely touching one another. Then carefully slide a ribbon (color of your choice) underneath each fold and staple in place. Easy as pie! To go along with my theme of a chick being hatched, I purchased some foam chicks from the dollar spot at Target, and glued them to the front of every other triangle. You can even write baby shower related words across the fronts.

Baby Shower Peeps Flower Arrangement

The net DIY baby shower decor piece that my mom created for me was a beautiful centerpiece of flowers, made up of a vase full of jelly beans and Peeps. Once you have a vase you want to use, stick a small Dixie cup in the middle and fill in around the cup with jelly beans. If you use the bunny Peeps no cutting will be necessary, but we wanted to stick with the chick theme, which meant cutting the Peeps in half to get them to fit properly. Slide the chicks down on top of the jelly beans, with the chick’s eyes facing out. Then fill the cup with freshly cut flowers and you’ve got yourself an adorable centerpiece!

Baby Shower Decor

Bringing everything together I placed more of the foam chicks on our serving table and surrounded them with the flowers, some colorful punch (or simply use food coloring to dye your water), stuffed Peeps and more candies and snacks! This was a really simple way to decorate and we did it all in under an hour! I’d love to hear your DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas! To get more ideas join me for the #EviteBabyTrends Twitter party happening on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6pm PST. There will even be some prizes up for grabs!

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