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Sorting Through Laundry Stains with Biz Stain Fighter

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine.  

I often feel like I am buried under a pile of laundry. With 4 kids and myself, the dirty clothes and clean clothes are always rotating and never ending. Taking the time to start a load of wash, move it along and then fold it is time consuming enough. Then, to have to worry about the stained clothes and whether or not they are going to get clean with one cycle of wash? To be honest, having clothes not come clean after their first wash is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. It means more elbow grease and time, which I don’t always have. That’s why I need a reliable stain remover! The stains will never end, so I need to always be prepared. I recently decided to give Biz Stain Fighter a try and thought I’d let the results speak for itself! For my first time using Biz, I decided to tackle a blood stain on a set of sheets.I had already washed the sheets once, which lightened the stain but didn’t get rid of it. Like I said – pet peeve of mine! Biz can be added to your wash load, with detergent, can be used as a pre-treatment for stains, or you can pre-soak your delicates with it. I used it as a pre-treatment in hopes of completely removing the blood stain and as you can see – it worked!

Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients than some of it’s competitors. They absolutely did not want to cut corners, and therefore wanted to knock those stains out of the park by including: Enzymes, Peroxides, Whitening Agents and Detergents. Each of these ingredients can aid in the removal of different types of stains. Not all stains need the same ingredients. Quite fascinating info in my opinion.

Unsure of where to buy Biz? Check out the store locator so you don’t have to miss out, and your laundry can get looking bright and clean again, if it’s in a lull. If you too are constantly battling stains and are at your wits end with them, then download this printable coupon to save $1 on Biz, to help with your next purchase. Save our checkbook and your clothes in one fell swoop!

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  • Actually, I bought a bottle of OxiClean and two of their tiny spray OxyCleans… when the small spray bottle was empty I’d refill it from the bottle. That way at work if I accidently spill a drop or something on my white uniform shirt, I just grab the small spray and use it… works every time!

    The bottle of OxiClean will likely last me years, but I may buy the Biz for home and test it. Have you tried it? How does it compare in your opinion?

  • Oops, noticed you said you used it… I must be multi-tasking too much… ROFL

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