A Guide to Where to Spend or Save on Baby Products

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If you have a new baby at home or on the way, you have probably started adding up the costs. There are so many products that are “must-haves” for new babies, that it can be overwhelming for new parents… And their budgets. However, with a little bit of know-how, you can carefully plan out areas to cut costs so that you have the extra cash needed for the areas that could use a little more funds! We are here to help, with a few insights on when to spend, and where to save!
* Baby Clothes- SAVE on baby products like clothes! While those adorable pair of designer baby shoes or handmade organic onesies might be calling your name, it’s smart to think twice before spending a lot of money on them! You can find the cutest baby clothes for a more affordable price at places like Sam’s Club. Babies grow from one clothing size to the next in seemingly a blink of an eye. So instead of spending a lot of money on brand new baby clothing, shop around for gently used baby clothes. People are always selling baby clothes, and because babies do grow so fast, most of the items they are selling have only been worn one or two times. Check at consignment stores, yard sales or online list sites for some great deals! 
* Car Seats- SPEND- In my opinion, car seat safety is a high priority, so
it is worth spending the extra money to get something that is up-to-date and in meeting with current safety standards. Something that I was not aware of when I was a brand new parent, is that car seats actually have an expiration date on them, so buying a used or older model car seat, may actually mean you are buying one that has expired. 
*Baby Furniture- SAVE: Save on baby products like furniture. A lot of the baby furniture items, similar to baby clothes, get outgrown really fast. For this reason, it’s easy to find a lot of second hand baby furniture that still has a lot of of use left in it. Items such as swings, bouncers, and jumpers are good items to look out for, used. However, as you search for these items, be sure to keep an eye on product recalls to make sure all of the items are completely safe. 
* Stroller-SPEND- If you are the type of person who likes to be out and about, you will want to invest in a good quality stroller. Some things to look for, are the ease of setting it up, comfort for baby, ease of steering and the stability and alignment of the wheels (there is nothing more frustrating then taking baby on a walk and having a stroller with one wheel that always turns the wrong way…believe me, I know from experience)! There are a lot of different options when it comes to strollers, so do a little research, and find one to invest in.
* Baby Formula- SAVE- If you are planning on using baby formula, the cost can add up fast. When it comes to feeding your baby, it’s easy to think that you need to go with an expensive name-brand product to make sure that baby is getting all of the proper nutrients. However, a great way to save on formula without compromising on quality is to choose Simply Right Infant Formulas available at Sam’s Club. These infant formulas, available in Baby Care Complete, Baby Care Gentle, or Baby Care Sensitivity are completely comparable to other more expensive brands, but at a much lower price.They have all of the esential nutrients for infants and are Clinically proven to support growth and development, now with Lutein for brain and eye health. This means that new parents can feel confident in the quality of what they are feeding to new baby, while saving on average, over $600 per year. The Simply Right line of infant formulas also has some great packaging features that make life easier on new parents. They have an easy open top and scoop handle and leveller. As a mom who used baby formula for both of my kids, I can tell you what a help this would be (I wasted a lot of precious infant formula by fumbling around with lids and scoopers during those late night feedings)! If you think that Simply Right Infant Formulas might be a good choice for you and your baby, be sure to check out their website, where you can view side-by-side comparisons of nutrient information, and can try out the savings calculator to get a savings estimate and watch this video for even more information on Simply Right. .
*Time and Memories- SPEND & SAVE- Now that you have worked out where to spend and save, you can spend less time worrying about how you are going to pay for the cost of a your new baby, and more time making precious memories with him! 

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