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Arming My Pup with PetArmor: How To Kill Fleas

I was asked to test out PetArmor on my pup on behalf of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions expressed are my own.


For any pet owner, the question of how to kill fleas and ticks comes up every so often. I have had at least one dog at a time, for most of my life. While it would be super awesome to say we’ve never had to battle fleas or ticks, it just wouldn’t be realistic. No matter how well a pet owner cares for their dog, those pesky critters can still creep up and take your pup for a ride. I have found that weather changes can bring in swarms of fleas and/or ticks, and I have learned to arm my pup with , to protect her! I always feel so badly watching my girl scratch, so I do what I can to help. Last year I discovered PetArmor and was amazed at how well it worked. The constant itching from my dog was driving me a tad crazy, and this product did wonders for her (and me)!

Arming my pup with PetArmor - How to Kill Fleas

Now that we are in May, with the warmer weather has also come more scratching from my dog, Lucy. Granted, I think she is suffering from seasonal allergies (next problem to tackle), but my pest control technician also says the fleas are hitting grassy areas by the swarms. My girl loves hunting and roaming outside through the blades of grass, so I snatched a box of PetArmor Plus for Dogs, and got her armed and ready for more outside play. 

The thing about fleas and ticks is that they aren’t just nasty critters for our pets – they can be harmful to human health as well. Fleas can transmit tapeworms and ticks can carry bacteria that cause Lyme disease. No fun for anyone! Fleas and their eggs can live outside in grass, soil and crevices in sidewalks and live inside in rugs and carpets, floor cracks and bedding. I prefer to think my house is clean enough that they are only found outdoors, but precautions such as getting advice and help from a pest control expert should be taken just in case! 

Arming my pup with PetArmor - How to Kill Fleas

I use PetArmor Plus IGR for dogs, but before you make your purchase, it is important to keep in mind the following tidbits:

  • Buy the right product for your pet’s species
  • Know your dog’s weight
  • Consider your dog’s age
  • Don’t split tubes between dogs
  • Only apply 30 days following the last flea and tick application

Arming my pup with PetArmor - How to Kill Fleas

PetArmor Plus IGR can be purchase at Walmart (and online), and is good for killing fleas, flea eggs, ticks & chewing lice. The main active ingredient is fipronil; an ingredient recommended by veterinarians and pest control savannah. Application is so simple too! Using the tip of the tube, you part the dog’s hair right at the back of the neck. Squeeze tube firmly to apply the solution from the back of the neck to a point midway between the neck and tail. Voila – your pup should be on their way to a flea free summer!

As always, you can stay up to date with PetArmor on Facebook and on .

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