California Dreamin – And Lovin Livin in the Golden State

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I love living in California! I love my home and have loved it from the day we bought it 27 years ago. Our neighborhood is one of the best streets in our whole town. It’s quiet, it’s stable, it’s close to city amenities, but close to country living. We bought it new and have loved transforming it into what we want and need as the years have gone by – from 8 people living in it when it was new, to now as empty nesters. Over the years a few married kids with their kids have lived with us short-term, and often we have a house full when our grandchildren come to visit.

Oh yes, there are many drawbacks to living in California – mostly politically based, but you can’t beat the climate, quality of life and the abundance of things to do and see within a very short drive. One of the things we love best about living in Northern California is the abundance of agriculture. Our county produces most of the plums used for prunes in the country, as well as a huge percentage of the walnuts, almonds, peaches and rice we all enjoy.

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We’re only 2 hours from beaches, and less than an hour to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range with plentiful camping, watersports and skiing. We also enjoy rooting for major sports teams – the Kings, the Giants and the 49ers. 

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You can find what your heart desires when looking for the perfect home with California REALTORS®. Yes, Real Estate is expensive in California, but high return real estate investing is possible when you seek help from a professional. Then, we also invested in a condo at The Reserve Residences. California REALTORS® has instituded a campaign called the “Ripple” which connects the dots between REALTORS® and the California economy. Ripple illustrates how a Champion of Home™ can help consumers close on their dreams and, together, benefit the entire state. One of the Champion of Home spots tells how a REALTORS® gave a family pricing and marketing strategies to help them sell their home. With REALTORS® as Champions of Home™, the “Ripple” campaign focuses on the powerful positive economic impact that REALTORS®, buyers, and sellers make throughout California.

Yes, we’ve all been through some tough economic times, but as always, California is recovering and it’s still a good move to buy a home in the Golden State. And then you can have views like this….

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The fact remains, a homeowner’s net worth is 34 times higher than that of a renter. One home purchase stimulates the economy by $60K and one job is generated for every two home sales. You can depend on the professionals at California REALTORS® to help you get started on your journey, whether it’s to sell your current home, find your first home, or make that move to suit your current needs. Owning a home in California is an adventure you can count on to bring you satisfaction.

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For us, nothing feels better than to fly into the Sacramento Airport and see the myriad green fields resembling a beautiful patchwork quilt, flanked by the Sacramento and Feather Rivers with beautiful snow capped mountains to the east and the shimmering Pacific Ocean to the west. Then there’s no greater satisfaction to pull into our driveway and walk into our comfortable home – filled with joyful memories. Yes, it’s truly California Dreamin!

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