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My Swim Bag of Tricks: 5 Pool Hacks to Keep Pool Time Fun and Safe

Summertime is just about here, which means lots of hot days needing a cool pool. It is so fun and refreshing and a great way for the kids to enjoy being outside on those hot hot afternoons. I’ve come up with 5 Pool Hacks to Keep Pool Time Fun and Safe, for those summer days.

However, pool time can also be a challenge trying to keep multiple kids happy and safe around the pool, especially if one is a busy toddler. This year I am preparing for pool time with my “swim bag of tricks” filled with some awesome products. For each product I have a “pool hack” that I plan to use to make pool time a little more easy, safe and fun for us all!

5 Pool Hacks to Keep Pool Time Fun and Safe

Pool Hack #1-

Pool Hack #1 Fun Rhyme
I think that the hardest time during a visit to the pool is the time it takes to get everyone in their swim gear, lathered in sunscreen and ready to go! It feels like it takes forever to get everyone organized, and if it feels that way to me, I can only imagine how it would feel like to a toddler. Not only could it be frustrating for a little one, but it could also be dangerous if he gets bored and wanders off to the water while you are busy lathering up another kid with sunscreen. To help your toddler feel less frustrated by the process teach him this simple rhyme before you get to the pool, and sing it as you get swim-ready!

(To the tune of “head shoulders knees and toes)
Swimmers, sunscreen, armbands on,
Armbands on
Swimmers, sunscreen, armbands on,
Armbands on,
Swimmers, sunscreen, and the armbands on,
Before we get wet in the pool, in the pool

This little rhyme gives me the time that I need to get everyone prepped for the pool. I always start by putting on a Huggies Little Swimmers Swim diaper to keep little leaks sanitary without an inflated diaper. The great thing about Huggies Little Swimmers is that they have Velcro sides so that you don’t have to struggle with pulling them on and off. I then lather the kids up with California Baby Suncreen, because it is all natural with no harmful chemicals, fragrances or dyes. My kids both have sensitive skin, so keeping them safe from the sun with something healthy for their skin is a must! The last thing in the rhyme is a pair of Speed armbands. These are actually wrapped in fabric to make them more comfortable for my little girl to wear then standard armbands. Inside of the fabric is a plastic inflatable to keep my daughter safe and floating while she is still learning to swim! When all of those are on (and our rhyme is complete) we can get to swimming!

Pool Hack #2

Pool Hack #2 Beach Towel
After swimming for a while, sometimes you have to take a break back on the shore. At a crowded pool, you don’t want a curious toddler wandering and getting lost. A brightly colored beach towel, like this “sizzilin’ cool” towel from ToysRus, can give your toddler a defined space to stay in.

Pool Hack # 3

Pool Hack #3 Sand Bucket
This Pool hack came from my son’s swim teacher, and as soon as I saw it I couldn’t believe how simple, yet genius it was! Bring along an ordinary sand bucket (like this Sizilin’ Cool bucket from ToysRus) so that if your kids have to stand or sit on the hot cement, you can just pour a little water from the pool to cool their “hot spot” down! Genius!

Pool Hack # 4

Pool Hack #4 Baby Cookies
My kids always get hungry when they are swimming, but I hate bringing snacks because even when they dry off, their damp fingers make all of the snacks soggy, and it’s a huge mess! I recently found organic baby cookies from Ella’s Kitchen and problem solved! They are made to be sucked on by babies, so they are “damp finger” resistant, making it a great pool snack! Despite being a “baby cookie” they taste absolutely delicious (yes, even I enjoy them) and are individually wrapped making for a great little snack to throw in the swim bag!

Pool Hack #5

Pool Hack #5 Bubbles
If your kids are anything like mine, one kid will be completely done being in the pool way before anyone else is! For this reason, pack a few “on-shore” activities so that the others can continue to have some pool time. A fun way to keep your shore-lover happy is to bring a long some bath squirt toys (available at BabysRus) and some bubbles (like Fubbles bubble wand). Squirt your child with water using the squirt toys, then blow bubbles! The bubbles stuck to the wet skin for some fun (but still cooling) on-shore fun!

Armed with these great pool hacks and your swim bag packed with some amazing and useful products, you are ready to have a splashing good time all summer long!

Ready for the pool? For instant fun just add water. Choose the only swimpants with easy open sides. Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants.


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