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Skylanders Party and Vote for your Favorite New Skylanders Character Name

I am being sponsored by Frito-Lay to bring you information about voting contest to name the next Skylanders character. All opinions expressed are my own.

Skylanders Party

Last week was a great time for my kiddos because they were each allowed to invite friends over for a Frito-Lay and Skylanders Party! Let me tell ya – I think the twins have asked me every day since, if they can spend $10 to pick out another character. A cool feature of the many Skylanders games is all of the characters to be collected. It is fun to see the kids build their collections, but I’d also be okay if they back off of needing to spend money every 5 minutes. Because the new Skylanders Trap TeamTM game is due to come out in October I’m thinking the incentive of saving for the new game (or new characters) might help us all out. Besides, teaching children the importance of saving up for something is a wonderful thing for them to learn. After all, we all voted on which new name we wanted the newest character to have, so we ought to be saving up to get it!  

Skylanders Game Table

Thanks to Frito-Lay, we were all set for our party with Skylanders themed bags of chips, along with the video games. I believe the kids switched back and forth between the original Skylanders, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders SWAP ForceTM. 

Pool Party

To avoid having my oldest and his friends fighting the twins and their friends over game time, I had them take turns in groups. One group would swim while the other group played and logged on to vote for the new Skylanders’ name. I’d say it worked out quite nicely!


Don’t forget to stop by your local grocery store and pick up one of the specially-marked Frito-Lay 20-count variety packs with $10 off coupons for Skylanders SWAP ForceTM Starter Packs. Be sure to vote to help name the next Skylanders character! Through TODAY, you can still vote for your favorite of the three finalist names, and the winning character will come to life in Skylanders Trap Team™ Video Game. The finalist with the most votes will also receive a $100,000 Scholarship for coming up with the winning hero’s name! Help make someone’s day and be a part of something bigger. You need to be 13 to vote, so if you have Skylanders fans 13 or older in your household, go ahead and let them get their say in.

Don’t forget to come enter to win the Skylanders Gift Basket!!


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