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Cortizone-10 For Your Summer Itch

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Cortizone-10 for Your Summer Itch

Along with the summer months and freedom to have fun (for many of us), comes some unwanted things. Here in Northern California we have to deal with days that reach 100°+ temps, insect bites, and that good ol’ summer itch that comes from icky, peeling sunburns and other skin irritations. My kids and I have extremely fair skin, and a tendency to burn. I try very hard to make sure everyone is protected with sunscreen, but the occasional burn sneaks it’s way onto my kids’ backs and shoulders. If you’ve ever had a burn, then you know all about the uncomfortable itchy phase, a few days in. The skin is starting to peel and that itch can drive you crazy! I have a little secret up my sleeve. Want to enjoy summer without the bummer of stressful itchy skin distractions? Give Cortizone-10 a try, to relieve the itch that ails you.

Unfortunately sunburns aren’t the only thing causing my kids’ some itch this summer. Miss Bea has been battling some itchy bumps that come and go on her poor wittle thighs. I recently whipped out the Cortizone-10 and it really does help stop the scratching. Thank goodness because scratching leads to bleeding and other problems. The extra creamy formula goes on smoothly and relieves itch quickly while helping to heal the skin issue. Another fantastic quality is that it is proven to proven to moisturize for 24 hours with 7 moisturizers and 3 skin-nurturing vitamins.

If you or your loved ones suffer from inflammation and rashes due to eczema and psoriasis, then the Cortizone-10 can be your friend anytime of year. I’m sure I’ll be breaking this stuff out when the dry winter months come!


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