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Crafting Up Some Cousin-time Fun With the Build A Boxtroll Sweepstakes

See how I have a fun morning activity planned for my kids and their cousins and how it could even help them win trip to LA thanks to my sponsors at Focus Films and The Boxtrolls

Tomorrow morning I am babysitting my niece and nephew for a few hours. I love how much fun “the cousins” (as my son calls himself and the older cousins) and “the babies” (the name my son gives to his little sister and younger cousin) have together. It seems like it always gets everyone’s creative juices flowing when they are all together. Thanks to Focus Film’s new movie “The Boxtrolls” (set to be released in Theatres 9/26/14) I have got a fantastic little project planned to channel those creative juices.

“The Boxtrolls” is a stop-motion animation film telling the story of an orphaned boy, Eggs who is raised by underground trash collectors, the Boxtrolls. We have been so excited or see this since we first saw the trailer in theatres a few months ago. It looks as though it will have an interesting plot line that will captivate all of “the cousins” and even “the babies”!

For our cousin craft project, Just like the Boxtrolls, I have collected a few “trash items” myself to be used as supplies. Then after letting the kids watch the movie trailer again for inspiration, I am going to let the kids get creative making their own “trash item” Boxtrolls.
I think they are going to have a fantastic time working on these and putting their creative energy to good use while repurposing some household items!

After they are done creating their Boxtrolls, I am going to surprise them with some really exciting news… I plan to enter their Boxtroll creations in the “Build a Boxtroll” Sweepstakes that could win them a trip for 4 to LA for the premier of the movie! Now wouldn’t that be an awesome cousin trip? I’m pretty sure that their aunt would “have” to chaperone!

If you would like to build a Boxtroll yourself or with your little ones, entry to this contest is 3 easy steps:
1. Make a totally awesome Boxtroll
2. Snap a pic
3. Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #BuildABoxtrollSweeps hashtag

(See official rules here. No purchase necessary. 18+ years old. 50 US States + District of Columbia only)

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