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DIY Homework Organization Station

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DIY Homework Organization Station

It’s back to school time, which means back to schedules, routines and homework. In our home, homework can be a challenging time. For us, the biggest part of that challenge is helping my son to get focused and organized about getting started on his work. First we have to find the homework folder, then we have to track down a pencil (which inevitably needs sharpened), find something to keep my preschooler busy, figure out what we are working on, get started, find an eraser… You get the idea! The frustrating part is, that once we get down to it, it only takes my son a short time to actually finish his work. Oh how we “love” homework!

This year, I am committed to getting more organized, so that the entire process is faster and easier. So on the first day of school, my preschooler and I headed to Office Depot (right after dropping off my 2nd grader) to get some inspiration! I came up with this DIY Homework Organization Station.

I found some clear tubs that where exactly the size of a standard folder, and had a smooth, side-latching lid. This is going to act as the box for the Organization station. I got 2 folders to go inside the box, one to hold homework papers and one for important school information papers, flyers, and permission slips.

I then picked up some Sharpie Markers in a variety of colors. I used these because I knew they would easily write on the lid of the plastic box. I uses the Sharpies to make a simple grid that my son can use to write down his daily homework assignments as well as to keep track of if he did his daily work of practicing math facts and spelling words.

I am really excited about this part of the Organization Station, because I am hoping that it will be a tool that will allow me to teach him how to stay organized and on top of assignments. I am hoping that it will be a way for me give him a little more of the responsibility while still making sure that assignments actually get done and turned in on time.

To track the assignments and check off tasks on the Organization Station grid, I found these awesome Expo Neon Window Markers! Because they come in cool neon colors, that are designed to write on clear surfaces, they showed up perfectly on the clear box lid! I think that the cool neon colors will also make tracking assignments fun for my son! At the end of the week, we can simply wipe it clean, and start all over again!

I put the Expo Markers inside of the box as well as a few basic homework supplies including a pencil, eraser and a few Uni-Ball pens that have a wonderfully smooth glide to make practicing spelling words a little more exciting. This way, we have everything that we need for homework time in one spot!

While I was at it, I also put together a box for my preschool aged daughter to use at homework time! I am hoping that this will give her something to work on quietly during homework time. For her box, I used the Sharpie Markers to trace cookie cutter shapes onto the lid and write her name in big letters.

I got her some of the Expo Neon Window Markers so that she can color the shapes and practice tracing the letters in her name. I also put some paper, stickers, crayons and activity books in her box for some quiet homework-time fun! I also think this box would be a great thing to bring a long for while we are waiting in the car at school pick-up time!

If a homework Organization Station could help your family get organized this school year, now is a great time to make it, as many of the supplies will be on sale this week at Office Depot!

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