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Bloggers Connecting with Brands like ScholarShare at BlogHer


The world of blogging has blown open in the last 5 years, transforming our access to current and credible information. I know my world has been transformed by the blogging world. Blogging isn’t a career that you can look up online and get a ton of information about wages, longevity, and other typical entities one compares when looking to switch careers. I have learned so much by networking with other bloggers as well as brands. I truly value the friendships and business relationships I have made over the years. One brand I have had the privilege to connect with is ScholarShare, California’s 529 College Savings Plan.

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I’m so grateful I could learn about ScholarShare through my blogging affiliations. Planning and preparing my children for college just wasn’t on my radar, especially with how my world has turned upside down this past year. ScholarShare is an easy and affordable way to switch-on that college prep radar.

One of the largest blogging conferences primarily for women is BlogHer. This conference is quite large and caters to all types of bloggers, with different topics. Bloggers go to learn from workshops and sessions, as well as network with other bloggers and brands. One can find a wide variety of brands who sponsor the conference, including ScholarShare! Because I already work with them, I was excited to see their booth among so many other great brands in the expo hall. In between test driving Bridgestone’s newest tires, eating a variety of slushes by Sonic, and chatting about natural remedies for kids, many were able to stop by the ScholarShare booth to learn about how to kickstart their child’s college savings. After all, it is never too late to start!

Now, with back to school preparations in full force, I’m more in tune with my children’s educational needs and hopefully preparing them for a successful school year. How we approach our children’s educational experience now, definitely prepares them for success when time for college rolls around. Addressing how to pay for future college expenses can also transform how our children work towards and think about  college in their future. 

ScholarShare has been an amazing brand to work with, and to save with!

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