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Ways to Feel Young and Flirty After Turning Thirty

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Ways to Feel Young and Flirty after Thirty

This year marked a big year for me… The BIG 3-0. I’m not going to lie; I was dreading it! I had a great time in my 20’s and wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye!

However I am currently mid-way through my 30th year, and I have to say, 30 is not so bad! So far, 30 seems to be a year of being grown up, and taking better care of my own life and my own health! It feels very liberating and gives me an energy and vibrancy that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! I’ll take that over my crazy early 20’s any day!

So here are the ways to feel young and flirty, and give me energy and vibrancy after turning 30:

• Eating healthy- this year I am learning about the power food. I am learning that food isn’t something just to turn to when your bored or sad, but that its a way to give my body power. I am still working on it, but I am learning to think before I eat to make every bite matter! This gives me the power to be the energetic and vibrant person that I want to be.

• Getting out of Debt- Gone are the days of being so desperate to get that outfit or pair of shoes that I would pull out my credit card and charge, charge away! My husband and I have made some pretty big goals this year to get ourselves out of debt and I have to say, working towards those goals is so freeing! The 20 year old girl who would once have cringed at the word “budget” is now grown up and ready to make money work for her! Its slow going and a lot of hard work, but seeing things get paid down takes a weight off of my shoulders that leaves me energized and pumped up!

• Sleeping well- This one is still a big work in progress, but it speaks for itself! Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to feeling bright and vibrant. I am learning that I need my sleep to be a happy and energized person, and am working on trying to schedule myself enough sleep to really tap into my potential.

• Exercising- After having kids in my mid 20’s I felt like I didn’t have enough energy after chasing the kids all days to exercise. This year I have changed that attitude! I realized that exercising is actually a way to tap into levels of energy that I didn’t know existed, that actually perpetuates throughout my day. It actually gives me the vibrancy to be the energetic mom that I want to be. Again, this is a big work in progress, but one day at a time!

•Looking after my skin- One of the downfalls of turning 30 is that my skin is changing. I am no expert, but I would guess that changes in hormone levels are to blame for the acne breakouts that I haven’t had since I was a teen! I am learning to be a little more picky about the products that I use for my skin, and that simple, natural skin care solutions are the best for me!

Silk'n Blue

I recently learned about the Silk’n Blue handheld device that uses the gentle synergistic power of fractional blue light (same as what is used in dermatologists offices). I love it because it gently neutralizes bacteria immediately, leaving my skin feeling fresh and preventing future breakouts. The heat and blue light on my face actually feels really good and soothing while I use it. I’m still a work in progress, and am not always good about remembering to do the device, but when I do, I feel like my skin is softer and that bumps are minimized and even shrink. As I continue to improve at using it, I know that I will have increased confidence and will have a healthy, vibrant glow. If you want to try Silk’n Blue, now is a great time to do so as CleverHousewife readers can get 20%’off by using the coupon code EXTRATWENTY now until Sept 30 2014.

Doing these things might sound kind of “old”, but they all give me the energy that I need to be the “young and flirty” 30 year old that I want to be.



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