Behind the Scenes of The Boxtrolls: Now In Theaters!

As an ambassador for The Boxtrolls, I am pleased to bring a special clip and info about the movie’s release.

Behind the scenes of The Boxtrolls

It’s FINALLY here! Ever since I saw the first preview for The Boxtrolls, I knew it would be a movie I’d take my kids to see in theaters. The Boxtrolls officially hit the big screen everywhere today, 9/26, and I am happy to say that I took my kiddos to see it! We met up with a good friend of mine, and her 4 kids, and all 10 of us packed up treats and camp chairs and headed for the drive-in. Such a great time, and what a cute film The Boxtrolls is. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, head indoors to your nearest movie theater, and check out The Boxtrolls. You can also purchase your tickets now at Fandango

To get a peek behind the scenes of The Boxtrolls, check out the following clip:

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