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Fit Made Fun With an Easy to Plan Football Season Kick-off Party

Read how I planned an easy and fun get-together to celebrate getting fit with a fit made fun day, as a family during the start of football season. I received free products in order to host the Leapfrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

My family is a sports family. Whether it is watching sports on TV, attending one of the kids’ little league games or playing a game of backyard ball, we love bonding over sports! Because football is our favorite, I thought it would be fun to put together a “football kick-off” party for all of the family to celebrate the start of the season.

To set the mood for the party, I got some long pieces of butcher paper and made some football themed “spirit signs” to decorate my backyard. With my fences covered in “D-Fence” and “touchdown” signs, it gave the backyard a definite football feeling! 

For refreshments I set up a “snack bar” area with a table decorates in our favorite team’s colors. Above the table I made another sign that said “Power up for the big game!

In the “snack bar” I had water bottles and CLIF Kid Zbar Protein bars set out for all of the guests to snack on as they arrived (available at natural food stores and grocery stores nationwide for 4.99/ box.)

Because CLIF Kid Zbar Protein Bars are high in protein, made with 70% organic ingredients and are not packed full of sugars, I knew it would give everyone all of the power and energy needed for the festivities ahead! Not only are the CLIF Kid Zbar Protein Bars great for you, but they also taste absolutely delicious! Everyone enjoyed them all, but I believe that the “mint-chocolate” flavor was the VIP with my team!

Once everyone was powered up, the real fun began… A little friendly game of football! We split into two teams and played a spirited game of two-hand touch! There is something special about standing in a huddle with your family, making plays! The family that huddles together, stays together, right?

To make the game even more exciting for the kids, and to show them that fitness can be fun we gave one of the kids on each team a Leapband.

These cool new movement trackers are designed to get kids excited about fitness! As kids move they earn points that can be used to get virtual pets and pet accessories. The Leapband tracks movement from everyday activities such as running, jumping, playing tag, and playing a backyard football game, to show kids that fitness is something to be enjoyed as part of everyday life! However, if your kid wants even more ways to get active, the Leapband has some pre-set activities that kids can do, which can even be customized by parents to meet their child’s unique personality. One of the features that I really love is that, the Leapband can be worn by your child to school, to encourage kids to really get our and move during recess. This is thanks to a special lock that parents can activate that allows the Leapband to track movement without giving kids access to the interactive portions till after school!

Since the party, my kids have really enjoyed using the Leapband in everyday active play. Its a great way to keep them motivated about fitness! My 3 year old loves wearing it when I wear my “grown up” movement tracker, while we work out together! I think hers is a lot more fun them mine though!

When the evening started to get too dark to see the ball, we called the game on account of poor lighting. As it was just a “friendly” game, we didn’t really keep score (although if we did, I’m pretty sure it would have said that my team won! The real “win” of the night, however, came from teaching the kids that fitness is a fun part of a healthy lifestyle!

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