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For Game Day or Any Day: Manly Manwich Chili Dogs Recipe

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My family and I are huge college football fans… Ok, the truth is, I am a huge college football fan, and my family tolerates me! What my hubby does love about football season, however, is football season food! 
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Since we are just a couple of weeks away from the start of college football, I wanted  to experiment with a few new tailgate-worthy recipes. I decided to try Manwich Orginal, Bold and “Thick & Chunky”  sauces. I have never tried Manwich before, so I was surprised by the sweet and tangy taste! However, the biggest surprise to me was that it is free from artificial flavors and preservatives! This makes it a sauce I can feel good about serving my family! 
What I came up with was a unique chilli that uses the sweet and tangy taste of the MANWICH sauces to create a BBQ sauce-like flavor. This makes it the perfect chili to pile on hotdogs or Polish dogs. 
The recipe for Manly Manwich Chili Dogs is super easy to pull together. I spent about 5 minutes putting all of the ingredients in the crockpot, let it cook for 6-8 hours and it was thick, hearty and ready to go! My hubby grilled up some
Polish dogs on the BBQ and we were set for an easy, no-fuss, weeknight meal that was packed with veggies and protein and brought us all to the table on a busy weeknight! That gave me some extra time to throw the ball around in the backyard for some Pre-season practice! However, once the “dogs” where done, we where all ready to stop playing, and dig in! 
I plan to make this chili again once football season starts, as it is a great make-ahead recipe that will keep me out of the kitchen so I don’t have to miss a single a play! 
Manly Manwich Chili Dogs
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  1. 1 can MANWICH Original Sauce
  2. 1 can MANWICH Bold Sauce
  3. 1 can tomato sauce
  4. 4-5 diced, fresh Roma tomatoes
  5. 1 cup of dried black beans
  6. 1 cup of dried kidney beans
  7. 1 can of whole sweet corn
  1. In a mid-large sized crock pot mix MANWICH sauces and tomato sauce
  2. Mix beans, corn and tomatoes
  3. Cover and cook on high 6-8 hours. Once beans are fully cooked, heat may be reduced to low.
  4. Serve over grilled hotdogs, polish dogs or as a delicious stand-alone chili!
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