What Makes a Family: The Boxtrolls In Theaters Friday

Written by Emily Buys

As an ambassador for The Boxtrolls, I am pleased to bring a special clip and info about the movie’s release.

The Boxtrolls

Who is excited for The Boxtrolls to hit theaters this Friday, 9/26?! I have been waiting for this film all year and I finally get to head to the drive-in with my kiddos and some close family friends, to see The Boxtrolls! I love to see what special messages these types of family friendly films have to spread, and one prominent message I have picked on by the looks of the trailers, is “What Makes a Family.” No matter your shape or size, you can still belong and be a part of something great. 

Get the kids (and grown-ups) excited for the release of The Boxtrolls with this fun clip: What Makes a Family.

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