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New RealPlayer Cloud Frees Up Phone Storage with Free Cloud Storage Space

Learn about a brand new app that let’s you shoot and store videos and free up space on your phone, plus enter a fantastic giveaway for… From my sponsors at RealPlayer Cloud.


I love taking photos and videos with my iPhone. Its such a handy and easy way to savor memories of my kids growing up and meeting new milestones. The only problem is, I use up my phone storage space FAST!

Let me just paint you a picture… Its the first day of school, all the moms are outside the school taking “first day of school” photos and here I am flipping through our summer vacation photos, trying to decide which ones I can sacrifice and delete to make room for a few “first day” pics!

Because videos are one of the biggest storage culprits on my phone, I was so excited to learn about the new RealPlayer Cloud App. This app, available for iPhoine, iPad and Android devices gives you 2GB of free cloud based storage. You can access your videos from your mobile devices, desktop computer or even Roku, for easy access whenever you want it! The RealPlayer Cloud app also lets you film videos straight from the app, so the video never has to take up any of your phone storage space.

Another cool feature is that with the RealPlayer Cloud app, you can easily share photos only with those who you want to have them. For example, I caught a video of my son learning to ride a 2-wheel bike! By using the “share” feature on the RealPlayer Cloud App, I am able to make a unique link to my “Troy riding a 2-wheeler” video that I can text or email to friends and family. Or if I want to share his success with the whole world of social media, I can share it directly onto Facebook or Twitter.

If you start to run low on your free 2 GB of storage, RealPlayer Cloud has a few ways to earn more storage. You can earn additional storage by uploading and sharing videos. You can also purchase additional storage space with the silver, gold and platinum subscription services for those really serious about shooting home videos!

To start freeing up some space on your devices with download the RealPlayer Cloud App for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 8 Devices. Next create a free account from the app or at You are now ready to start being free!

One lucky reader will win a free year of an upgraded RealPlayer Cloud “Gold” plan – which offers 100GB of storage, valued at $99.00! To enter, fill out the form below. Giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 9/20. Good luck!



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  • My phone is Android-based operating system & I had recently lost my cam corder (the old fashion big type…) in my house fire, so I use my cell phone for photos, but more so, I use the video function since its all I have. I on more than one occasion have gone through my photos & videos to see which ones to delete so I can capture a special moment with my little ones…because they’re only little once…nothing can replace that stage in their life when they start walking or finally reach the age to master blowing out their birthday candles. And what I’m terrified of, is when I change phones to upgrade or replace a damaged phone, that I will lose all those irreplaceable smiles, spills, yay’s, and oops…LOL! I would just love the peace of mind my memories are safe!! Thank you for the opportunity & God Bless!!

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