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She’s Not a Kindergartener, She’s My Baby

Read about how the first day of school gave me a bit of a wake up call, and how my sponsors at ScholarShare, have helped me to realize that it’s ok!

About a month ago school started back up for us. On the first day of school, my brand new 2nd grader put on his new school clothes and back pack and was ready to go! Seeing this, my almost 3 year old wanted a part of that action too! She found a little backpack for herself and was ready to go to school! 20140911-063100.jpg As we walked up to the school she was so excited to have her backpack on and was walking around the school playground with such confidence. She kept telling all of the girls she saw “I just LOVE your sparkly shoes” or “cute Frozen backpack.” As she is a very confident girl, I didn’t think too much of this until I had one of the yard duty teachers walk over to tell me “kindergarteners need to be over on the other playground!” It took me by such a surprise that I think I probably about screamed at the poor lady, “SHE’S NOT A KINDERGARTENER, SHE’S MY BABY!” As the yard duty walked away, probably thinking “crazy mom”, I looked at my little girl through an outsider’s perspective and realized that she is growing up fast! Both of my kids are growing up so fast!

While I don’t want to rush my kids growing up, I need to face that it is happening! It is exciting to see how grown up and confident they are becoming as they prepare for new and wonderful stages in life. They are becoming amazing little people and their futures are bright! A way for me to prepare now for their bright futures is through ScholarShare, California’s 529 Savings Plan. This savings plan allows you to invest in your child’s future by starting a college savings fund for as little as $25 start up and $25 subsequent contributions per investment portfolio. Click here to know why you should add gold investments to your investment portfolio. With the added tax deduction benefits a ScholarShare account is a smart way to plan for your child’s big future through small investments today.



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