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Tasty Ways to Add More Protein To Your Diet with Easy Turkey Pinwheels and Other Mealtime Ideas

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Over the past 18 months I have been trying to live a more wholesome lifestyle by eating better and exercising more. For me,  part of this journey has included learning to eat the right combination of food to give me the energy and stamina to make it through the day, and to have balanced nutrients in my diet.

Butterball Turkey


I have recently been focusing on adding more protein to my diet. It’s an area that I have always struggled with, but am learning is so important. Because I am also trying to avoid fattier red meats, I have been branching out and trying to find some delicious new Butterball recipes using turkey which is leaner and lower in calories.

I have found, Butterball Turkey products to be an amazing way to get some extra protein into my diet throughout the day.

With Butterball turkey bacon and sausage, I am able to put together a protein packed breakfast that doesn’t leave me feeling sluggish. This is because the sausage has 60% less fat than beef or pork sausage and the bacon has  65% less fat than pork bacon and with only 25 calories per slice. I like to have some made up in the fridge and stick it on an English Muffin for a quick and protein packed breakfast

SNACK: My little girl loves deli meet so much that she asks for a slice throughout the day as a snack! I figure it’s a healthier protein filled snack for her (and me) so I started following her lead and having a few slices of Butterball Deli Meat and crackers for snack. It’s yummy and feels like I have had something really substantial that keeps me from grabbing at the cookies throughout the morning.

LUNCH is probably the hardest meal for me to slip in some protein, as I hate to go to the effort of making a big meal just for lunch. So I always keep a package of Butterball Deli Meat in the fridge and make up these easy turkey pinwheels. They are easy, tasty and a fun way to jazz up lunchtime! To make the Turkey Pinwheels, take your bread and roll it out with a rolling pin. Trim the crust and spread cream cheese onto the bread. Top with fig jam if desired, Butterball turkey and cheddar cheese. Roll up and slice. Mmmm!

DINNER: For days that I just can’t kick that burger craving, I have found an amazing alternative to beef burgers in the Butterball Turkey Burgers. Butterball has a fantastic variety of Turkey burgers including Original, Sweet Onion, Cheddar, or All Natural White. They have a delicious juicy flavor that really makes you feel as though you are indulging, without all of the guilt! I like to top mine with lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado for a true gourmet burger experience!

If you want a way to add some lean protein into your diet without compromising on taste, I would highly recommend giving one of the Butterball turkey products a try. It’s a great taste that leaves you feeling satisfied (and not guilty)! Can’t beat that! Before you head out to purchase your turkey, pick up these Butterball coupons

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