Bathe Your Child To Sleep: Natural Oils To Create a Soothing Bedtime Routine

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Bathe Your Child To Sleep: Natural Oils for a Soothing Bedtime Routine
Both of my kids are extremely active, busy kids! They are always on the go and busy doing something. It’s trait that I really enjoy about them… except at bedtime. For my kids it seems like the more tired they get, the faster the move, and the less willing they are to settle down. I have learned that creating a soothing bedtime routine is the key to getting them to unwind and quickly get settled down for bedtime. 
One of my favorite line of products to use for our nighttime routine is Baby Mantra. They are a line of bath-time products that are; made with all-natural ingredients, gluten-free,  dye-free and allergy tested. Because my daughter is allergic to certain chemicals found in popular body products, I love that I can rest assured that the products in Baby Mantra are not going to irritate her skin. I also love that they use some
of my favorite combinations of natural oils that help create a soothing nighttime routine. 
Baby Mantra: Natural Oils for a Soothing Bedtime Routine
Here is how we incorporate them into our nighttime routine to help smooth and calm my busy kiddos. 
1. Lavender Bath:  We always start our nighttime routine with a soothing bubble bath of lavender oil. Lavender oil has a very calming effect and is known to promote healthy sleep. I like to add a few drops of lavender oil into the kids’ bath along with some Baby Mantra 3-in-1 bubble bath, shampoo and wash. The kids love the bubbles, and while they are playing the relaxing warm water and soothing oils  are calming their busy, tired bodies getting them ready for bed. 
2. Calming Lotion: After the kids are all dried off, I like to help them out on a thin layer of lotion, to keep their skin soft and non-itchy. I think otherwise their skin tends to itch after their baths and is uncomfortable against their PJs. I know that for me, there is nothing worst then feeling itchy at bedtime! I love using the Baby Mantra Calming Lotion because once again, it features soothing Lavender Oil, that stays on them all night for a long-lasting soothing effect. It also has Shea-butter, olive oil and sage oil to take away the bedtime itches. 
3. Foot and Back massage- On days when my kids are having an especially hard time falling asleep.  I like to give them a gentle massage to ease their tired muscles and bodies to sleep. I like to use Baby Mantra Calming Massage Oil that features apricot and avocado oils (both known for helping with healthy skin). While having my kids lay down in their beds,  I put a tiny dot of massage oil  onto my hands and gently work it onto my kids’ feet. I then take another  dot of oil and gently rub it under their shirts on their back and shoulders to gently soothe those big muscles. 
With a relaxing nighttime routine, I have found that my kids are able to settle down easier and get a healthy night’s sleep… giving them all the energy needed for another busy, moving day! 
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