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Pokemon Party Made Easy


Pokemon Cake

Whether it be for kids or adults, throwing parties can be a lot of work. Sometimes I don’t mind the work, but these days I am all about simplifying and making my life easier in the areas I can. I will usually pick one area of party throwing, to go all out on, and get help with the rest. When asked to help a friend with his son’s 9th birthday party this summer, with a Pokemon theme, I decided to go all out on the cake and use Birthday Express to cover the rest. So grateful for online orders and party supplies that make setup a breeze because I was exhausted after making this Pokemon Cake!!

Pokemon Pinata

As a huge fan of all things Pokemon, I thought the birthday boy would love this Giant Pokemon Pinata. I was right!! I tell you what though – it takes a lot of goodies to fill a pinata of this size. In my family it is always a tradition to put the finished pinata on one’s head, just for kicks. The birthday boy’s sister obliged. =D



See how I threw an easy Pokemon party with @BirthdayExpress. Dad busted this pinata up with his police baton. Pokemon cake, pinata and more. #linkinprofile #party #birthday

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The kids all thought it was great when dad came out to give the pinata its last hit using his baton (he’s a cop). Out poured the candy and prizes! \\

Pokemon Party Supplies

Unlike the Ladybug Party I threw for Miss Bea earlier this year, the Pokemon supplies didn’t come in a big party kit. I was able to get Pokemon napkins and party hats, then I matched those with solid plates and flatware. For party favors, I ordered Flashing Yo-Yos and Turbo Helicopters. To go along with the Pokemon theme I picked up some lightning bolt stickers and stuck one in the center of each yo-yo. I scattered them all over the food table, to double as decor and party favors. When throwing a themed party of any sort, I recommend picking a couple of themed items and then tossing in coordinating solid colors. Simple! 

Pikachu and Ash Ketchum Costumes

To go along with the spirit of the party, Birthday Express threw in some Pokemon Costumes: Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. These are great for parties or even as Halloween costumes. Between eating pizza and cake, doing the pinata and playing with birthday presents and party favors, the kids were plenty occupied and the birthday boy said it was his best birthday ever! Mission accomplished!

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