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Simple Fall to Winter Family Room Makeover

Fall is my favorite time of year! We are nearing mid-October and I am beginning to become skeptical that the weather will never reflect fall this year. I’m afraid Northern California might skip from summer to winter. Yesterday we had a 100° day. With that being said, I am digging in my heels and I will not let fall pass me by. Even if our days remain hot, I’m breaking out the seasonal decor, pumpkin and apple treats, and my cheery fall disposition! That’s right summer – watch out! 

Family Room Makeover Simple Fall to Winter Home Decor

My first plan of attack to will autumn here is with some simple fall to winter home decor, with a family room makeover. The best part is that almost every piece was purchased at Walmart, from the Better Homes and Gardens line. So affordable and cute! What I did was pick up a few staples for my family room table, and swapped out others from fall to winter colors.

BHG Bread Basket with Fall Balls

I am loving this versatile wire bread basket from BHG. Under $7 and can be used at the dinner table (for bread of course), or as a great accent or centerpiece. Walmart also has a round fruit basket that would go well with, or in place of, the bread basket.

BHG Candles and Lantern

This Better Homes and Gardens Metal Caging Lantern is one of my favorite pieces. I think it would look great in any room (or outdoors) of the house. Swap out the candle for any season or occasion! The ceramic jar candles come in a variety of patterns, but I think the owl suits my goal for fall! Certainly doesn’t hurt that these little candles smell great too! Next time you’re in Walmart, you’ve got to check out the pineapple scent. Mmmm!

Fall Table

To tie the fall colors and vibe together, I added this cute owl vase and filled it with autumn leaves and cattail. As the base for my entire look, I picked up a BHG burlap runner and layered it with a red placemat. Now check out how I used some of the same items, and swapped out some others to switch this look to winter!

Winter Family Room with BHG Products

Keep the burlap runner and throw some balls of yarn in that bread basket. Use whatever colors you want/need to go along with your holiday decor. I wanted this room to say Christmas so I used red, green and a touch of black. Curl up on the couch with the adorable red Better Homes and Gardens ruffle throw pillows, and do a little knitting by the fire. The yarn can serve as a decor piece, as well as a productive activity for a cold winter night. I traded the red pillar candle for a green, to match the yarn. I especially love the affordable little lamp and shade I picked up, also at Walmart. 

There you have it; a simple fall to winter family room makeover, with the help of BHG at Walmart! What are your favorite pieces?

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