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Spooky Halloween Dinner: Mad Scientist Taco Bar (With Printables)

How I turned a regular Taco Tuesday into a fun spooky Halloween dinner and how I saved on everything I needed during the Stock Up Sale hosted by my sponsors at Albertsons.

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar for Halloween
A few nights ago we set up our Halloween decorations at our house. My kids love putting up the Halloween decorations, so this is kind of a big deal for us! My son even has a few of his very own decorations that he loves to set up! They just love making our house “spooky”!

Because setting up the decorations is such a big deal in our house, I thought it would be fun to turn regular taco night into a spooky Halloween themed dinner by turning my kitchen into the “Mad Scientist Cafe”

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar for Halloween

I served all of the taco toppings in glass mason jars and was amazed at how making this small change made it instantly creepy (who knew that regular taco meat in a mason jar looked so weird)!

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar for Halloween

I also added a few decorative touches like a creepy skull and some Halloween lights that really set the tone. I also created a creepy printable “menu board” and labels (at end of post) for each of your topping jars that would help add to the theme.

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar for Halloween

To really play it up, I put on one of my hubby’s old white shirts, as a lab coat, and used makeup to make my face white with dark circles. I really wish that I had some science goggles that I could have worn also, but even still my kids loved the costume.

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar for Halloween

This made for such a fun family dinner that my kids absolutely loved! It’s been a few days since we did it, and they are still talking about it! I think this would also make a fantastic themed dinner for a Halloween party. It was easy to make, prepare, and clean up from giving you more time to enjoy your guests! Plus, who doesn’t love “build your own” tacos! It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

To help you plan your own “Mad Scientist Cafe” Taco Night, here is a quick run down of what we had on our menu. I also included sale prices for items that are on sale during Albertsons’ Stock Up Sale. It’s a great time to stock up on these and other great sale items around the store, especially if you are planning to serve a crowd for a Halloween Party! Sale prices run till 10/7/14 so hurry to an Albertsons store near you to take advantage of great savings.

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar Menu

• Snake Skin tortillas (Mission Soft Flour Tortillas 10 ct 2 for $5 )
Ground “something” taco meat (cook Jennie-O ground turkey or lean ground beef, 2.99 lb, and add taco seasonings prepared according to package. I also added cooked Mahatma white rice, 2 for $4, to the mixture to give it a different texture and to make a little more for feeding a crowd)
• “You don’t want to know” bean dip (refried beans)
lizard gizzard avocado (smashed avocado)
dissected worm shredded cheese (I used Tillamook Chuck cheese $5.99 which I shredded so that I could make the cheese look a little more “worm-like”.)
Chunky Blood Salsa (Hernandez Salsa $2.99)
Witches’ Snot Sour Cream (24 oz Daisy Sour Cream $2.99)
Bat Eye Olives (black olives)

While at Albertsons be sure to stop by the bakery section where some yummy pumpkin goodies are on sale including Pumpkin muffins 4 ct., sliced loaf cake, mini cupcakes 12 ct., and cake roll all in sale for 3.99. To find out what other amazing deals you can find this week, check out their full sales ad online!

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar Printable

Mad Scientist Cafe: Taco Bar Printable



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