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UndieShorts for Privacy and Fun for Little Girls



UndieShorts for privacy and fun for little girls

Does your little girl have underwear issues? Mine does! With summertime comes bug bites, sweaty thighs, rashes – you name it. Nothing bugs my little gal more than getting chaffed in her nether regions. A while back I did a post for UndieShorts. Well, that was long ago enough for little girl to grow out of her UndieShorts. I began to notice she had a few uncomfortable bug bites on her inner thighs, along with some chaffing from a sweaty day wearing a skirt. She was so uncomfortable, and was in tears. I tried a little cornstarch to ease her discomfort, but then remembered UndieShorts.


I got a combo pack of white, black and pink in the mail in just two days – Voila! Problem solved in a day. I love that there are different color combos you can order, to go with your daughter’s wardrobe.

UndieShorts are the BEST solution for little girls who love to wear skirts or dresses, yet love to romp and play like a boy. I’m all about teaching my little gal about modesty, and UndieShorts are perfect. She started Kindergarten this year and I take comfort in knowing she is well covered when she’s hanging upside down on the monkey bars, or sitting criss-cross applesauce during storytime. 

Under Shorts are worn in place of underwear. They keep your little girl covered, and help with sweating or chaffing problems. Not everyone is built with the coveted “thigh gap” and when your thighs rub, it’s uncomfortable and even painful.

The shorts are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, having a no tag stretchable waistband for maximum privacy and comfort. What sets UndieShorts apart is the attached inner panty-liner made of 100% Cotton which eliminates the need of having to wear multiple undergarments. UndieShortsTM, are ideal for wearing under Dresses, Skirts, School Uniforms, Dance and Sleepwear.

I gotta say – those cute little round buns of my little girl look pretty cute in her UndieShorts. I’m a huge fan, and so is she. She even thanked me the next day for getting her some new UndieShorts. Hello skirts and dresses – here comes Miss Cute Buns to Kindergarten.

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