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Dyson DC59 Motorhead – Life doesn’t have to suck, unless you want it too!


Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Yeah, sometimes life can really suck. Most of the time we don’t want it to suck, but then there’s times when you just gotta have the suction you need – and Dyson comes through on all counts. A while back I received a Dyson Motorhead for review, and I claimed it to be the best item of the year! Now the new and improved DC59 Motorhead is out and I don’t know how they did it, but it’s even better. How can that be?

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead is slim and sleek and is rated as better in overall performance across all floor types than the top 5 best-selling full-sized vacuums. You got it, it’s better than top rated FULL Sized vacuums and it comes Without the hassle of the cord. That’s right – no cord. This boy can go wherever you need with EASE and doesn’t sacrifice POWER.


Compared to best-selling uprights the DC59 Motorhead has highest geometric average pickup performance, dust loaded, when carpet, hard floor and creviced hard floor results are combined. The newer model has improved upon the battery for longer lasting use. I can make it through my whole house on one charge. Then I pop this guy back on the charger and within a short time, it’s ready to go again for any hard to reach places I may have missed.

Got stairs? This is the vacuum for you. No cord to mess with and it handles like a dream. Got hard floors? This bad boy moves across hard surfaces picking up dust bunnies, spilled dog kibble, spilled cereal, hair, Legos (oops, I wasn’t supposed to suck that up). No problem – just pick out that little renegade Lego when you easily and effortlessly empty the handy dust bin. The dust bin empties with the push of a button, and isn’t as big as a full sized vacuum, so those unexpected pick-ups are easily retrieved.
Did I say the dust bin is smaller than a full sized bin? Well, yes it is, but the ease of emptying doesn’t hold me back from getting all my surfaces vacuumed (don’t judge me, if I need to empty more than once when vacuuming).


One of my favorite features of the Dyson DC 59 is how flat it will lay down to get under hard to reach areas – under tables and chairs, sofas, cabinets, beds – you name it. Then . . . wait for it . . . you can remove the rotating head and use the wand to vacuum those cobwebs, ceiling fans and other over the head surfaces. Bam!

Do I love this vacuum – yes, I DO. So, if you want life to suck – when you need suction, that is, then go for the Dyson DC59 Motorhead. You will LOVE it.

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