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Last Minute Gift Idea For The “Hard to Buy For” with Yomega Toys + Giveaway

Do you have someone on your list who you have had some “ups and downs” trying to find the perfect gift for? Take some inspiration from the gifts that I received from Yomega Toys, plus enter to win some great items for that last person on your holiday shopping list

2014 Holiday Gift Guide:  Last Minute Idea For The
If you are like me, there is that one last person on your list that you need just a small little gift for. You know the person… The one who seems to be impossible to buy for….the one who said “whatever” when you asked what they want for Christmas….. the one who already seems to have everything they want…. the one who (out of desperation) you have bought socks for for the past 5 years. Yes, that’s one! For me, that one is my hubby.

This year, I found some fun and unique gifts for kids of all ages, that are a perfect gift for that last, hard to buy for, person on your list. All are from Yomega toys and are available on their website or through Amazon.

Kendama Pro ($19.99)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide:  Last Minute Idea For The
This Deluxe Toss & Catch Skill Game is a traditional Japanese game, a ball that players try to get on each of the cupped surfaces of the hammer-like handle that it is attached to with a string. This simple toy is easy to learn how to play, but takes a great deal of skill and coordination to master. For advanced players, the ball has a hole in it, which you can attempt to catch on the spike. Players can also learn advanced tricks to continue the fun after the basic skills are mastered. Perfect for for ages 8 & up

Yomega® Fireball™ ($10.99)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide:  Last Minute Idea For The
This unique yo-yo features Yomega’s patented transaxle system. This allows for high speeds and smooth spins that are over three times longer than an ordinary yo-yo so players can master classic yo-yo tricks such as “rock the baby,” “around the world,” and “walk the dog.” Perfect for ages 8 & up; Available in black, green, blue and red

Yomega® Brain- ($10.99)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide:  Last Minute Idea For The
The Yomega Brain is a “smart” introductory yo-yo that’s perfect for beginners thanks to its unique clutch system. This opens to enable it to “sleep” and then closes to force the yo-yo to come back up, so it works every time! Perfect for the beginning yo-yoer. Perfect for ages 8 & up; Available in blue, green and orange.

Yomega ® MaverickTM ($29.99) This yo-yo made of high grade, all aluminum, is laser etched yo-yo, making it a gift for the advanced player who loves to express their individuality. It combines a C-size stainless steel ball bearing with a smooth silicone return system, a weighted perimeter for long spins, and a wide gap profile for advanced string system. Perfect for age is 8 & up; Available in blue and black

Star Wars Yomega® Yo Men High Performance Yo-Yos and Action Stands– ($19.95)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide:  Last Minute Idea For The
This is a fun way to display your yo-yos and favorite Star Wars characters! Yomega Yo Men come with a Star Wars Yomega Fireball yo-yo cradled in a highly detailed Yo Men Action Stand sculpted in the character’s likeness. They include Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Yoda or General Grievous.

Any of these fun gifts would make a fun item for someone who you have had some “ups and downs” shopping for! Enter to win 2 Kendama Toys and one Star Wars Yo-Men, right here! Giveaway wil end at 11:59pm PT on 12/31. To enter, fill out the form below.

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